Thursday, May 22, 2014

A screwy post

Not sure if it is because G-man is on travel this week....or because I am fighting a cold (as is Bossy, who is GRUMPY when he is under the weather).....but my sense of time is all screwed up.  My head is spinning.  Just can't get my act together this week!!

Today is Thursday, but I have been thinking it is Thursday all week!!  Bossy has his weekly weight check (albeit a day early because the doctor's office closes before I can get him there on a Friday, which is why Daddy takes him...but Daddy will be on a plane......).  Wish us luck.  He "gained" a little over a pound last week, but G-man and I aren't convinced that it was a real pound.  Without going into too much detail....Bossy has ALOT of GI issues, so it is possible it was a pound of SOMETHING, just not weight gain.  ;)

G-man and I did the grocery shopping for the week before he left, but I need to get Basil to make dinner for TOMORROW night, which will be made tonight.  Basil would not have kept for 5 days.  And while I am at the store....need more meds.  Two sick people tend to use stuff up.  On a happier note....I haven't bought anything at the store since our grocery shopping.  Well, I went to CVS for allergy and cold medicine on Monday when we all started to drop like flies....does that count?

 I paid the water bill and car registration though.  And my poor checking account DROPPED this morning because all the on-line payments I scheduled hit the account (totally planned....payday was yesterday).  It is just when you pay $1000 of bills at once, it is sad when your balance drops all at once.  And there are another $500 of bills that haven't cleared yet.

And now I just looked at the time....I lost track of time! I am running late.  Bye!!!

ETA:  was raining....drove kids to bus stop...had to do make up in car while waiting for bus....needed gas....accident on the highway backed up traffic.  Half hour late for work.   And I am not sure Bossy will make it through the day so I won't be surprised if the school calls.  How is it only 8:41 am and I am exhausted already?


  1. Winter down here in australia so household full of cold and flu, had to stock up on meds myself today. P.S. you can freeze basil :)

    1. We are a month away from Summer, and the unofficial Summer kick off is this weekend....we should be DONE with illness!!

      Yep, I do freeze basil. But knowing I was going to use it in just a few days, it didn't seem to make sense. But I do freeze it in a little olive oil in an ice cube tray. :)