Friday, May 30, 2014

This and That

Another week in the can (almost!)

I am sure having Monday off has contributed to the feeling that this week flew by....but I am actually a bit surprised at HOW FAST the week went.  All week, I would look at the clock and be genuinely shocked how fast the day went.

We have 3 more full weeks of school (and I am so jealous of those of you who are out of school already!).  The kids had (and still have)  a ridiculous amount of field trips so the amount of classroom time is severely curtailed.  But I think we are all ready for summer vacation.

The weather in these parts has been cool.  We really didn't have a nice spring.  It remained cool and rainy.  With June just 2 days away...I am sad that I am still wearing long sleeves.  I hope we will get some use out of the pool (which is still covered).  Temperature wise, we are no where close to using it, even if was ready to go.

Financially....this has been a tight week, and next week looks about the same.  Because G-man took off a few Sundays at the office (which he gets a 25% extra differential for working), plus those days at the part time job....his paychecks in May have been low.  Add in that my paycheck next week will be low (due to Memorial day, and a few hours that I had to take off when he was on travel), and it all screws up the bottom line. 

July is a 3-check month for me, so the months flanking that always are a little wanky due to the dates where payday falls.  G-man is still working at the second job, and pending a few other pieces of information, he should be done June 21.  That will get us to the end of June (pay speaking), and possibly into early July (depending on if his vacation pay is paid on his last working check, or the following check).

I am watching our "irregular bills" account, and am a bit concerned that we may not have saved quite enough.  Back in January I realized that BOTH of our cars would need to be re-registered this year ($90 per car; we just paid for my car in May, and then G-man's is due in July), so I upped our savings for this account ($65 every paycheck).  The water bill (paid 2x a year) was a tad higher than usual (about $25 higher), and the trash bill will be due in June.  And of course the taxes that will be due in July are always a crapshoot.  And since they still haven't announced the mill rate, I can't even estimate!!!

The taxes this year will once again be inaccurate because we will be paying taxes based on G-man's Explorer that died in October (because that car was on the Grand list on Oct 1, that is what they use....even though we bought the Camry on Oct 25).  We will pay the taxes, then they will adjust them for the January bill for the current car.  We went through this when I bought my Jeep.  This account was never designed to have a large cushion in it....but at least July has an extra paycheck that can buffer it all if we are little short.  I think it will be ok...but until I see the taxes (which are mailed on July 1), I won't totally know. 

Have a lovely Friday, and a great weekend!

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