Monday, May 5, 2014


Yesterday was my 39th birthday (and happy birthday to all my birthday buddies!!!). Up until 5:30pm, my day was actually nice.  It all fell apart though, and some of the damage will never get undone.  Some incredibly hurtful things were said to me, and you can't unring a bell.  Let's just say that every insecurity I have about myself was brought to the table in some manner or form, and some things that I looked forward to in the future have been tarnished. 

Additionally, my parents "lost track of time."  I got an e-mail date stamped at 12:02 am stating that they were going to get a card out to me to make sure it got there in time and that they thought my birthday was tomorrow (which means my card would have still been late).  My mother-in-law, who forgot my birthday last year....and was reminded by my husband 2 weeks ago....also forgot.

100 points to my brother for remembering.  He is hit or miss.

I am an adult, and some of you will say "suck it up, buttercup."  I set the bar of expectations REALLY LOW this year, to prevent getting hurt.  However, once a certain ball got rolling, it was hard to maintain the attitude of "I don't care."  I am not going to go into it, but my feelings got so deeply hurt that I can't even look at my husband today.

My original plan for today's post was an update on my 40-before-40 list, but it is irrelevant right now.  I will update it as I go, but not today.  Later this week will be the annual review of the numbers.  It may be a little quiet here for a bit.  I do not want to use this as my emotional mess dumping group, so it may be better to lay low and only post when I have something to really say.

Comments.....they are turned off for this post.  I don't want to hear Happy Birthday, or I am so sorry.  So they are shut off.