Wednesday, April 30, 2014

So many angry thoughts

As a whole, I am not the most positive person (I know you are shocked).  I get annoyed....sometimes more than I should.  But yesterday would have tried the patience of the Pope.

1)  The guy from the tire place hadn't e-mailed the confirmation of the conversation.  Took 2 more phone calls, and finally he just faxed it to my office.

2)  G-man ordered the new floor for the bathroom on April 4, and they never called to say it was in.  He went down to the store to find out that the sales clerk a) used the in-stock number instead of the other number, and since our store doesn't stock that floor....nothing was ever ordered, and b) in the 3.5 weeks since we "ordered" the floor, they no longer carry that color.  They did 3.5 weeks ago, but not now.  They refunded our money, and a manager was SUPPOSED to call us.  Yeah, no once again WE have to follow up.

(Please notice this theme lately.....people just can't do their jobs correctly or efficiently.  It forces the customer to have to follow behind them and double check everything or force them to be accountable.  Why is that????)

3)  I had to e-mail Bossy's teacher about following up on several things (here we go again...), and in the afternoon I get an e-mail asking us to send in Bossy's science project so he and another student can finish it at school.  This is AFTER we already agreed that Bossy would do his experiment in his small group (in the Special Ed room), but he would formulate his own project at home that we have spent a month working on.  And now we find out his has a partner at school.

This is coming off the heels of us asking for the raw data from the experiment (which we have been asking for since last week) so we could finish the analysis and conclusion.  Turns out they haven't done the experiment yet. Or had any of the kids even start their posters. The project is due on Thursday (and this is Tuesday afternoon).

AND...I was told that they were going to "pretty up" the poster with some stuff from the experiment (pictures, packaging, etc), and that since there is only one set, it isn't fair for one boy to have it and not the other. 

All of this is news to us. I went off in the e-mail, CCed the principal.  We, his parents, agreed to work with him on this.  We have helped him for a month.  And now, because YOU waited for the last minute, you want to slap another kid's name on the project and call it "theirs." 

I am so tired of people just not doing their jobs, or at least not doing them with any attention to detail or even correctly.  This is becoming more and more prevalent.  Maybe because we had so many of them pile up together it is really standing out.  But what the heck is going on?

If I produced this kind of work at my office, I would be called up on the carpet and fired.  We all make mistakes (me included).  But this is ridiculous.

It made for a rotten day and rotten evening where neither myself or G-man could relax.   Please oh please....let today be better.


  1. Hehe sorry! But they all seem like minor issues... be happy!


  2. Sure, they are small things if you don't expect people to do what they say they will do! Waiting for someone to do whatever someone promised to do is a hard game to play. Little things do build up. The cumulative effect is the problem! And, one involves a child in spec ed. I would not be happy either with the shoddy treatment you are receiving.

    This is why ATT is losing me forever. Also, I finally called WM and very nicely told them what was going on all the time. Sooo, that is taken care of.

    I truly understand!

  3. Oooooh I would be so mad about the school thing! And your tire saga is awful. I will send ya some good luck. I don't have any but my boyfriend does (he always says I'm stealing it from him!).