Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Tire Store....CONTINUED!

Just have to say it again....I have no idea why the Murphy of cars loves us so much....it isn't like I have shown him much love.

So when last we spoke about my &*&!@%@# tire, the tire has been remounted, they changed the valve stem and casing, and installed a new sensor.  However the dashboard light never went out.  And I was also missing a lugnut and a hub cap.

Spoke to the manager, who told me he would order factory JEEP parts.  Got a call 2 days later that everything was in.  Made an appointment for this past Saturday to have everything taken care of.  This is now the 4th time I have been to this place in 3 weeks.  My good friends Schmoozy and Manager were both there, and neither one wanted to have anything to do with me.  I asked for Manager....and he was "out getting coffee."  Oh, ok.  They take my keys....30 minutes later, a technician comes out with my key.

They wanted me out of there as soon as possible, talking to as few people as possible.  I asked for the Manager...who I could clearly see sitting in the office.  He came out, and we exchanged pleasantries.  He said it should be all set....and that once I start driving the car, the dash light will go out.

I drive the car, and my overhead computer thingy says "low tire pressure."  You have GOT to be kidding me.  I get where I am going (maybe 5 miles away), check all the tires....all the pressure seems ok. Drive home....still saying low tire pressure, and light is still on. Now, you have to understand that my patience at this point was GONE and I was about to go off the chain.

G-man talks me off the ledge and says he will drive my car when he gets home.  He takes it out for a spin, and about 5 minutes into the ride my TPM alert comes up.  Additionally, he took the spare tire cover off, and those SOB's TOOK the hub cap off my spare and put it on the missing spot instead of actually replacing it!!!  We had looked at it just a few days prior, so we KNOW the spare had it.  They probably figured that since the spare was covered, I wouldn't know.  It is about 4:30pm on Saturday....the place is closed....and I am pacing my house trying to calm down.

We looked at the Twitter feed the other day, and it seemed that some poor guy was responsible for all the customer complaints (now THERE'S a job I would not want!!) and his contact information was all over feed.  G-man called the 800 number this guy listed and spoke to him yesterday.  He apologized and said there was no way this should have gone on this long.  They will be refunding us another $150 (via check), and will be paying for the diagnostics and any repairs we have done at the dealership to make this all right.  The guy was supposed to e-mail us a confirmation stating everything, but as of close of business....we hadn't received it.  So G-man will call him again today.

My trip to the dealership to fix all of this will be my FIFTH trip.

I give the poor customer service manager person props for not arguing with us and for attempting to make things right.  Between the $42.54 that has already been refunded, and an additional $150, it ends up being about 33% refunded.  I really wanted closer to 50%, but I let G-man deal with this part.  I was not to be trusted to NOT blow my lid.

We will NEVER EVER go back to this place again.  I just want my car fixed, and to move on.

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering....the refund check will either go back on the credit card (even though we used part of our tax refund to pay for all of this) or it will go toward G-man's car loan (which is the current debt we are working on).  I have all sorts of numbers to update for you all!!

I am so over this.


  1. I had a problem with my wipers that took ten...yes 10, visits to the dealer to rectify. What started as a warranty issue turned out not to be. The dealer had over a $1000 in labour hours in my car and the service advisor still wrote it off because in his words "you were always so nice about everything!" I told him I did not have a choice as it was a Honda dealership, and my husband works at the Honda plant that is 30 minutes away. It might have got back to the plant that so and so's wife went ballistic at the dealership...lol!!!
    The issue with my wipers started in June and was finally fixed in December.

  2. Oh, what a horrible experience. Makes me nervous, but glad I have my dad to look and double check everything. Makes those stories about "oil changes" that are nothing but wiping the belts and whistles to make them look... well, moved and changed, sound so much more real. Glad you're getting the refund though. Hope that's the end of it, for sure!

  3. wow, this is a real mess, you really have had a bad run with these guys.

  4. Misty, I think you need to move to NYC and not even own cars, LOL. You have the worst luck I have ever seen with cars.