Friday, April 25, 2014

It's that time again!

Happy Friday!!!

We have nothing on the schedule tonight, so I am looking forward to just relaxing this evening.  Heck we are so on top of the game that we even know what we are having for dinner, and have everything we need (Spaghetti and meatballs, and garlic bread).  Go us!!!

My fun for the weekend includes filling out G-man's financial disclosure for work.  For those who weren't around for this before, we are required to fill out this ridiculously invasive disclosure annually as part of updating his security clearance at work.  This thing is 20 pages long.  The basic gist of it is asking the starting and ending balances for every banking account, loan, credit card, etc that we have.  But on top of that...they also ask how much we paid on each account.  Yes, they monitor our spending habit.

I tried a few years ago to track it all, and it fell by the wayside.  So, I have to open 12 months of statements and add up all the payments.  It takes a few hours to fill out the entire thing.  And never once have they ever come back to question anything.

The thing that always gets me is seeing how we may have paid $4000 on a loan, but the balance only went down $3000 (darn interest!)  Or even worse...seeing the Credit Card balance only going down marginally, but seeing how much we paid (which usually for any charges we made).  This is the one sobering fact that frustrates me about the debt.  It isn't a surprise or anything....but it is frustrating.  I know it is our own doing, and I know that it is the least helpful thing regarding debt repayment...yet, we still do it.

The disclosure runs Jan 1 to Dec 31, so recent progress won't be noted.  I am hopeful that by next year's disclosure, G-man's car loan will show paid in full, and the rest of the balances are way down.  We are on track to have the total debt down to $52k by year end (possibly $50k if we are able to pick up some more overtime along the way).

Hope you all are having more fun this weekend than I will be!


  1. You know these are the hard years for debt repayment but I promise you it will get better.

  2. Sounds fun...not. Sorry you have to go through all that. This weekend, I will be taking care of Benjamin, who had ear tube surgery this morning. Jacob is sick again, and of course my dear husband is busy with work all weekend. Fun times....

  3. Wow, that is incredibly invasive. What purpose does this disclosure serve.....besides big brother watching you?

    1. It is to track susceptibility to being paid off by bad guys. If you are desperate. may be more likely to accept bribes.