Friday, March 7, 2014

Status Quo

Happy Friday!  Not much to report (yet) from my end of the blogosphere.  That is next week.

Is it bad that I am about to get ready for work, and I am already counting down time until I will be home again? Nothing is happening that is "bad" at work today.  It should be a normal day.  But my jammies are so so comfy....

We are in the middle of the stretch between G-man's last paycheck (Monday) and my next paycheck (next Wednesday).  I need to do a better job in planning for is always tight.  There are a few things we need to stock up at the store before tomorrow when the sale ends.  So today definitely won't be a no-spend day.

Actually, March is turning into a spendy month....a month where we are also getting a windfall....but a spendy month.  Between groceries (including some stock up and bulk cooking), kid stuff (a few scout things), and cars (once our tax return arrives, both cars will be in the shop) is just flying!

I do have a post about the windfall....including a surprise windfall.....but I am waiting for the final numbers.  The teaser....having money can be a mixed blessing.

Hope you have a more exciting Friday (and weekend) than me!


  1. I'll be working this weekend, so that always promises to be exciting... even though I don't want to do it. This month is setting up to be another wishy washy one... hopefully more warm of a wish-wash than the past few!

  2. But isn't it nice to get money when you need it? The problem is I always need it:)

  3. Windfalls are always great but then it gets spent and you look back and think "where did all the money go?" That has definitely happened to me more than once. lol Hopefully you get to enjoy some of the extra money you will be spending!

  4. The last 1 1/2 weeks have been like this for us... I had friends from US come down for a visit, and hubby was on holidays (still is for 1/2 week) so I lost track and decided, "forget it"... i'll start fresh next week. So i'm giving myself a "Freebie" and will get back to business on Thursday! ;)