Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow, the day, and getting to know ya!

Like many others have already talked is snowing office closed and the kids are home from school.  The "up" side to it today is that I brought work home (as I typically do when we have bad weather) and Sassy has 2 projects to work it will be a good catch up type day.  Additionally, I have a bunch of laundry to work on.  I want to wash the mattress pad and comforter on my bed, along with new sheets (yay for the gift card.  We were down to one set of flannel sheets, and one other set that is looking a little weary).

G-man is working both jobs, and another "up" to this storm is that he has already been approved for overtime if he ends up spending the night at the office.  He took extra clothes with him, and there are cots at the office.  He will pick up a few supplies at the store after he is done working there and head on to the office.

The "down".....I have to shovel.  The last 3 storms....I have had to shovel.  Typically G-man does this, and I sometimes help if there is alot.  But I am on my own on this since there is a chance he won't be home until tomorrow.  (and for the record....the 2 healthy 11 year olds are TERRIBLE at it!  We are working on this skill....)

Each of the cats have found a cozy spot on a radiator cover.  I will be surprised if they move much today.

The rest of the plan for the day includes paying a few bills, finishing the bits and bobbles for the taxes, and hopefully a quick 1-hr pick up of the entire house.  And make a few dozen muffins for the freezer (Bossy is on a blueberry muffin kick!).

Thought I would leave you with another wonderful edition of "getting to know you"...feel free to join in and leave your answers in the comments!

1)  Top movies that really aren't very good, but you love?
2)  Pimples....pop those suckers, or let them heal on their own?
3)  What is on the wall to your right?


1)  That Thing You Do! (I end up singing that song for 2 days afterward) and The Full Monty (bad acting, bad premise, but amuses me)

2)  Pop 'em....extra points if it squirts.

3) We have a gallery wall of all black and white pictures of our family.  Pictures of the kids at different ages, and with each of their grandparents.  I have a few picture to add to the wall, but we may end up moving the wall to the stairwell (or maybe to NC!), so nothing is changing at the moment.


Happy Snow Day....stay warm!


  1. 1) Happy Gilmore
    2) No acne
    3) whiteboard- writing on it says 'send the report Tuesday at 9 AM'.


  2. 1. So many, Sunshine Cleaning (Gross but loved the kindness of the older sister)
    2. I had horrible adult onset cystic acne until I went through menopause, popping did not help it was a painful nightmare.
    3. A calender Hub's Honorable discharge from the Army, and a Small oak mirror and shelf made by hubs for our 5th anniversary.

  3. 1) Twister (a lot of my friends say it's bad, but I can watch it over and over. LOVE storms!)
    2) Pop when it looks like it'll do some good
    3) White wall with a few plaques and intercom

    New to your blog btw :)

  4. the Full Monty is one of my all time favourite movies and I laugh as hard as I did when I watched it the first time. I want to thank you for not sharing the storm with us for a change!!!!

    Gill in Canada

  5. 1) Top movies that really aren't very good, but you love? Marie Antoinette and Hackers.
    2) Pimples....pop those suckers, or let them heal on their own? Pop em.
    3) What is on the wall to your right? The 2014 Avon calendar. February is a Great Horned Owl with giant yellow eyes. He looks like he wants to eat me. It says "seek wisdom" but I feel like it should say "seek protection" instead.