Saturday, February 15, 2014

What I Have Learned This Morning

I have been up for less than 90 minutes....

1)  It is important to keep the passwords for all those accounts (email, paypal, etc) that you rarely use
2)  Do not put them in some secure place that is so secure you can't remember where it is
3)  When you have to go through all the hassle to reset all the aforementioned passwords, write it down
4)  Repeat #2
5)  I have no idea why simple things on my computer (like making a new folder) aren't working this morning

and the most important....

6)  When all else fails....get another cup of coffee.


  1. I am practically computer illiterate and I have an computer science B.S. That is the problem it is B.S.

  2. Mmmmmm coffee!! I drink 32 oz every morning :(

  3. #6 for me as well. The two cousins won't be getting together until March 15th. I am however seeing Nitara this morning, so there should be a photo of her tomorrow.

    I am scouting out ideas for the new house, and so far haven't made a firm decision on anything.

  4. I keep a master password list with usernames/passwords/security question answers. And I change them once/year at least. Might seem time consuming, but I'm a bit paranoid when it comes to my personal information floating around in cyberworld.

    1. I have a master list as well....for the financial stuff. These were accounts I haven't had to access for 2 years....who knows where I put that stuff. But I am in the middle of a big reorganization of our papers and now have everything together.