Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A worthless post

I really haven't updated you on ME since taking my break.  And part of the reason is I am not sure what to really say on the matter.

The work situation needs to be its own post.  The very short version is that at this moment, everything is the same.  It might have changed, but it didn't.

On a personal level....I am realizing that 40 is just over 15 months away.  This will be its own post as well.  But I am having a hard time with 40.  I know it is just a number.  I know those of you who have already hit this milestone, and maybe a few other milestones, will say GAK!  What are you upset about?  Again....another post.

Otherwise, there isn't much to report.  I get up, get kids ready for school, go to work, do house stuff, go to bed.  Not terribly exciting.

I do have a post planned about my creative side....need to down load the pictures for that one.

So this was an entirely worthless post.......

I will leave you with a Bossy funny though:

He was watching this show "Fuzzy Tales" where little animals are projected onto a green screen and "act" out stories.  Just go with me on it.....  I have no idea what the "story" of the day was, but I heard one of the animals say "Who has ever heard of singing goldfish?"

Bossy answered the TV:  Uh, everybody?


  1. Dr. Zeus has taught the boy well! And it's not worthless. It may be lacking content and topic, but that's alright. We're not grading your papers, and not every day is a fun, exciting or new adventure. Boring, common place is just a-ok. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. 40 can be as good or as bad as you make it... it's all about your outlook on life! I'm turning 40 next month and i'm quite happy to be seeing that number, as many don't. I am blessed and looking forward to a wonderful year!! :) Hope you have the same!

  3. I am rocking 40. Started over. Found out about my heart issue on my 40th birthday and decided that many things in life were done defining me. It was a turning point and I think for the better. I hope you soften to it a little, but I definitely understand the fear.

  4. I turned 55 today so 40 is far off in my rearview mirror. lol
    But if given a chance I wouldn't go back there and relive most of what happened in that 15 years. I find being the age I am is freeing. I no longer give a crap about what anybody thinks of me(most days)or what "society" expects of me.
    Stop counting the numbers and just live your life! 8-)

  5. As I recall from last year, we share a birthday, except I am 14 years ahead of you. While 40 is just a number, I can clearly recall having certain expectations of myself and my life by reaching that milestone. Sometimes you just need to let go of expectations and dreams that may restrain you from appreciating what you have right now.

    1. I totally admit that my "stress" about my age is self imposed....I am feeling like I am waiting for my life to start.

  6. I was fine with 40.....now 50 is looming and I'm not too excited about it :(

  7. Yikes, 40... right behind you :(( I enjoyed the post, not worthless, Thanks!


  8. I turn 40 around the same time as you. I don't know how I feel about it. Some people tell me it sucks and some say no big deal. I realized that I was being called ma'am more lately which really irritates me. I figure if you are the same age or older, do not call me ma'am!!!!! I remember my parents turning 40 in the 80's and thinking it was so over the hill. Mostly, I thank the Lord each day he gives me breath. Age is just a number....or so they would have us believe :)

  9. I am turning 30 in April and am looking forward to it very much! My 20's were wonderful and I did enjoy a period of going out all the time, but now I'm married and I'm excited to start this next decade as a team.
    p.s. i would love a post as to why you took a break in teh first place. maybe i missed that?

  10. I like my 40's way better than my 30's...