Thursday, October 3, 2013

Time to Rally For Our Friend Judy!!

Alot of the bloggy folks out there know Judy.  She is the one who has a fetish for crock pots, tough love for her kids, and whose presence out there just lightens everyone's mood. Judy has opened and closed her blogs several times.  Each time she "disappears" her absence is noticed.  And when she resurfaces, a great cry of joy is heard throughout the blogisphere.

Several months ago, she disappeared again.  When she resurfaced this time, she shared with all of us one of the most intimate details of her life.....the death of her beloved husband, Will.  Will was suddenly taken from his family.....leaving them all emotionally stricken, as well as financially.

Judy has been doing everything she can to keep afloat, but a girl can only do so much.  That's where we all come in.

Sluggy over at Don't Read This; It's Boring was kind enough to set up a Go Fund Me account so that we all can help Judy through this rough time.  By contributing, the money will go towards some outstanding bills, as well as something that has been weighing heavily on Judy...her car payment.

I never had the pleasure to meet Will (or Judy...but I hope someday that will change!), but I know his soul will rest easier knowing his family is being taken care of. 

Please consider making a contribution to Judy and her family.  Every bit counts, so don't worry if it is $5 or $500.  Judy is such a wonderful spirit....please help that spirit soar.

Sluggy also is accepting PayPal contribution.  In this post, she explains everything.

Judy....we love you. 


  1. Done. It's nice that you are doing this.

    1. Don't thank me....thank Sluggy...she is the organizer. I am just helping to spread the word.

      But thank you for supporting Judy!!!

  2. That is so awful! Thank you for the update.

  3. She should start receiving some form of social security income. Some for her kids and some for her to take care of her kids. My dad died of a heart attack when I was 9 and I received money until I was 18 - and my mom received money until I was 16, I think.

    On another note, could you make a setting that enables receiving follow up comments? I always forget to check back to see if anyone else has commented on something.

    1. Her kids are 18+, so I don't think she will receive anything for them. Additionally, Judy's husband was her second husband, so not sure how survivor benefits work with non-biological children (I am not sure if he adopted them).

      I will look into the follow up comments....

  4. Thanks for this sincere post Mysti and for spreading the word. It IS very much appreciated..... 8-)