Wednesday, October 2, 2013

And the Mother of the Year award goes to.....

Dropped Bossy off at Scouts.  Went to PTO.

15 min into the meeting, I see a mom I know walk in with her kids...and Bossy.  Apparently I mis-read the scout calendar and there was no meeting tonight.  She was there to drop off her son, because she thought there was a meeting too.  Bossy was just sitting there, and she didn't want to leave him, so she asked him where I was...and I guess he told her PTO.  So she was nice enough to bring him to me.  I just sent her a thank you e-mail.

I NEVER just drop him off.  The one time I do....

Of course I now question if Bossy even knew who she was....and if he didn't....he still went with her.  That is a whole other issue.

So now we have a Bossy, who by the way started to look under the weather right before scouts, out of sorts because of the mix up.  And melted down at PTO.  I walked him out of the meeting, and I already knew he wasn't going to rally.  So I excused myself from the meeting and came home.

Hit every red light on the way home.

In the car, I said "well, I am Mother of the Year."  Sassy said "of course you are!"  Bossy yelled NO!  Rutrow...he is mad at me.  He then tells her that she isn't allowed to vote for her own I asked him who is Mother of the Year.....he said Miss G (one of my girlfriends).



  1. I think it is impossible to raise our children without a few "how could I have done that?" moments. Sassy has the right idea!

  2. Sorry, Mysti, this made me laugh! But only because I've awarded myself Mother of the Year for far worse!! Hope today is better :)

  3. I'm giggling a little at this because I have so been there and done that. I had my kids out waiting for the bus for 20 minutes on a no school day school ... all the while wondering where the other kids were ...

  4. Hey I dropped the youngest off at school on a holiday. I noticed there were very few cars. Just the teachers, it was an in service day. Secretary called me to come get her. Now this would be forgivable but I did it twice in the same year. I was busy and I wanted her gone!

  5. When I was 8, I was in a Saturday morning bowling league. My mom would drop me off at the bowling alley at 9 and pick me up at noon. One Saturday, she didn't show up. Being stupid, I just waited there for FOUR HOURS, never thinking to go into the building and ask to use the phone. Apparently, my aunt stopped by to see my mom, they got to talking and Mom completely forgot about me. When my aunt finally asked where I was, my mom freaked out. She sent my aunt because she knew I would be mad at her. Not, OMG, I hope my baby is okay! Different times back then.

  6. Thanks everyone for helping me feel not quite so bad!