Friday, October 4, 2013

Oh Murphy....

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I should have known Wednesday night when I screwed up with Bossy that Murphy was to blame.  I mean....c'mon.....I am so fabulous, *I* couldn't possibly be to blame.  Am I right?

Thursday morning, G-man and I left for work at the same time.  He calls me 5 minutes later that his "check transmission" light came on, and he noticed that he was having a hard time getting out of 1st gear.  Are you kidding me???!!!

We put a "new" transmission in his car in Feb/March 2011.  The transmission had 55k on it already, and we have to pull the paperwork to figure out how many miles we put on it so far.  The car has 187k miles on it currently.

Thus began the fix or not to fix.  We really cannot afford another car payment, so if we do end up getting another is going to be a beater.  Just long enough to get my car paid off.  We are discussing what the ceiling of the repair would be.  First G-man said $350.  I said $1000.  My thought was that tranny work is labor we have to allow for that.  But nothing is decided.

Meanwhile, G-man took my car to work last night (he works 3pm-11pm).  I didn't want to risk his car dying on the side of the road in the middle of the night.  The "plan" was to bring his car to the shop Friday morning....he would drive me to work, and pick me up later (after he brought Bossy to his occupational therapy appointment, which is about 15 min from my office).


So, did you hear about the CT woman who crashed the gate in DC????

At 4:20pm....G-man left to deal with that.  My car is in the parking lot at his office.  I got a text at 5am this morning that they were just starting.


So I am stranded at home (I did bring home some work, but my major project of the day needs to be done at the office).  My boss is off for the day.  Clinical supervisor is off this afternoon.  So I have to be in the office to run the office!!!

The poor guy is exhausted from being up all night, and we still have to deal with the car and such.

He texted me last night just to check in...and I said "well, at least we will have some money to help pay for the car."  He "should" get overtime after 11pm, and night differential from 6pm-6am.  Oh but wait....

Due to the night or Sunday differential will be paid (but hopefully will be retroactive).  AND, the overtime may not be approved at overtime pay....there is a chance that it will either be paid as straight time...or comp time.

Is the week over yet??????


  1. The overtime will be approved at overtime pay. What a mess!

  2. WOW! When it rains it pours. We are having transmission problems as well - same thing happened to me yesterday - would not get out of first gear. This is our first though at 115,000 miles.

    Yes, the week is almost over - 8 more hours!

  3. Ugh... you're right about the ceiling cap for transmission work. That stuff is NEVER cheap... I know it's a hassle, but it's often better to get a second opinion on these things. Some mechanics just want to change too much to charge you more, when the problem could've been fully resolved with a less labor-intensive fix. Good luck with it! Hope G-man gets plenty of rest and stays safe.

  4. We had to have DH's transmission replaced twice - luckily the second one was under warranty and it was free (just a PITA because we were down to one car for a week). Last winter, I had to have something repaired on my transmission (I don't remember what it was, but I was leaking transmission fluid) and it was under $400.

    I wish I had so much money that I could get a new car every 40,000 miles or so - before anything could even think about going wrong!

    I just wish

    1. I hit reply before I was done. Also, disregard the "I just wish ..."

      Anyway, I hope you get all the overtime stuff straightened out - what a hassle. And I hope your transmission thing is a relatively inexpensive fix.

  5. Honey when it rains it pours, I do believe you might have started this down turn by not being a good mom:).......... Joking, joking. Remember I bought a $1000.00 beater and drove it for 9 months so we could pay off our truck and then sold it for $1000.00. It can be done.