Saturday, September 28, 2013

The revised weekend plan

G-man left yesterday morning for his "guy" weekend.  Two weeks ago, my "plan" for the weekend was to paint the living room.  We picked out the color chip together, so I figured we would be good to go.  Upon more thought, I decided against it.  We tend to pick a few samples....put them up....and then pick. It would be my luck I would paint, and I wouldn't like it, or vice versa.  So that plan is on hold.

THEN I decided to do a deep clean.  Like hands and knees, on the floor scrubbing.  Yeah, I like that idea.  I never feel like the house is clean until I do this.  Yeah...this is the way to go.

THEN.....I screwed up my back.

It goes back to the way I held the kids when they were little.  Bossy was always heavier, and I ALWAYS carried him on my right side.  Additional, he was low tone, so I compensated for the fact that he really wasn't carrying his own weight.  Add in that he didn't walk until he was almost 3, and I ended up carrying alot more weight for a longer period of time. One of the vertebrate in the middle is out of alignment.  I have had periods of time where it bothers me, but a few days of taking it easy(ier), and it is ok. 

This time, I have had a stabbing, burning pain in the middle of my back since Tuesday.  I was in tears on Wednesday night.  I came home from work early on Thursday.  I broke down and called the chiropractor yesterday, and have an appointment later this morning.

I REALLY didn't want to go.  I haven't been in 12 years.  Our insurance has limited chiropractic coverage.  And I didn't want another bill.  But I am at a point that unless I laying down, on my back, with the pillows a certain hurts. 

I get a false sense of recovery first thing in the morning.  The muscles are all relaxed, so when I get up, I feel much better.  But as the morning goes on, it gets worse and worse.  I tried massage, heat, Motrin, range of motion stretches.  But nada.... to the chiro I go.  So much for my productive weekend.  BUT....I do have two children who are capable of doing a few things.....;)


  1. Mysti, I hope your back is feeling better after your chiropractor appointment. That stinks that you've had back problems for so long.

  2. Take care of that girl, you will be down a lot longer if you don't.