Friday, September 13, 2013

Fluffy Friday!!!

Y'all have been quiet this week......let's do a Fluffy Friday!!!!

(The crowd goes wild!!  *Cheers*  FLUFFY!!  FLUFFY!!!)

Three your answers....nothing is right or judgement zone....

1) 'em or not so much?   LOVE 'EM...we had a 2 hr storm last night!!

2)  First Celebrity that pops in your head.  Matt Damon....I am on a Matt Damon kick lately

3)  Do you have any dishes in your sink right now?  Yep.  Breakfast dishes from the kids, and a pan from last night.

Can't wait to hear from you!!


  1. Love thunderstorm.
    Could care less about celebrities.

  2. Love thunderstorms as long as I'm at home snuggled up in a blanket.
    Matt Damon pops in my head only cause I read your answers first.
    Yes, there's always dishes in our sink. It's never ending.

  3. I hate thunderstorms if they are bad, but love them if they are just decent.
    Matt Damon because of your answer, but then Ben Affleck.
    And right now there is my daughter's cereal bow, a spoon and cup.

  4. Wow. Me and my co-worker were just talking about t-storms. I LOVE t-storms and she hates them big time (she had a traumatizing casualty-related t-storm experience).

    Celebrity? *cricket cricket*

    ... Ok, next question. No dishes ever. I wash as I go along. Since I've been renting for the past 3 years, I have to clean up after myself before I leave the kitchen.

  5. I'm deathly afraid of thunder and lightning storms. Hate them.
    Taylor Swift - for no apparent reason...LOL
    I'm sure I do, as the kids leave a mess before school and I didn't notice when I left for work!

  6. LOVE THUNDERSTORMS - so cleansing for the air.

    Benedict Cumberbatch - cannot get him out of my head (Sherlock Holmes kick)

    Unfortunately, I do have dishes in the sink. The herd had breakfast.


  7. 1) 'em or not so much? Love them when I am indoors.

    2) First Celebrity that pops in your head. Dave Navarro. I was just talking about him.

    3) Do you have any dishes in your sink right now? Most likely.

  8. Love thunderstorms, in the summer it spells overtime! Barbara Streisand, of course when are there not dishes in my sink?

  9. LOVE Thunderstorms!
    Suri Cruise. (OK, technically she's not a celeb. but she's a sweetie!)
    Yes, a couple of breakfast dishes. I should get off the internet!

  10. Thunderstorms --- I like them for the most part, unless I'm driving in them or they are severe (severe often means tornadoes down here)
    Celebrity --- Ed Sheeran (singer/songwriter - because the Princess was playing one of his songs before she left for work and now it is stuck in my head)
    Dishes - one pizza cutter - because I didn't see it on the counter when i loaded the dishwasher and now I don't feel like opening it back up.... and I'm really feeling lazy at the moment.