Thursday, September 12, 2013

Not going there again

I went to the first PTO (not PTA...there is a difference!) meeting at school last night.  I have to say how disappointed I was at the turnout.  People filtered in (one came 45 min late!), but as a whole, it was a small turnout.

At the end of the meeting (which was run by the previous board, who now have moved on to the next school....yes, this is a one-year transition school).....they wanted to know who wanted to be on the board.  Silence.

I have to admit, there was a piece of me who said "oh just do it."  Then there was a bigger piece that said NO!!!!   My nemesis was at the meeting, but had to step out to go pick up her son, so she missed that part.  But I am SURE she is going to want to be in charge.  Luckily, someone stepped up to be President (who I "know" through another person).  But I cannot deal with what I had last year.

I did volunteer to enter grocery store reward cards.  But that is it.

But one thing struck a chord.....the past president, who obviously was annoyed that people weren't volunteering, said "it is your kids who will lose out if this stuff doesn't happen."


At our elementary school, the parents from my kids' classes were largely uninvolved.  Our 5th grade events.....what events?  No one wanted to do it.  Apparently this is the same across all the elementary schools for this grade.

So what will happen in a few years....when they are in high school???  Senior events.....will they even happen?

I can't be a one-woman show.  I have done that too many times.  And I KNOW if I get too involved again, it will just be that way until they graduate.  But I also am saddened that my kids could miss out on some fun stuff because no one wants to step up.

Maybe something was in the water the year my kids were born....the "I don't wanna....." virus or something.


  1. "People always think somebody needs to do something... until they realize they are somebody". Poor paraphrasing of a quote I read once, but it is all too true. At my PT work, there is always the less pleasant work, stressful tasks or just downright annoying, hard and time consuming chores to do. When asked for volunteers, nobody does it, and at that point, they draw straws. I used to volunteer all the time, but sometimes they don't even pick me anymore because they want others to step up. Nope, not gonna happen. It is sad and aggravating when others wont step up, and you know they can, but just wont do it. That's why I much prefer taking straws. Heh.

  2. I was never really active in PTO, but I did always make sure I volunteered to bring stuff, work booths and the carnival, whatever. I always said that I couldnt take on a year long commitment -- so running hospitality rooms sporting events, concession stands... that was my thing. I'm very grateful for those that did volunteer though. I know they made the Princess's time in school much better.

  3. Last year the PTO meetings were at 4pm. I work until 5. I got off work early to attend one and there were only about 5 people there. I did volunteer to host a family party at the end of the year. No one helped me. There were supposed to be volunteers to come help set up, but there was a big rain storm at the time we were supposed to meet. No one showed up. I was left carrying everything in and setting up in the rain by myself. Then the event was twice as crowded as was expected. Probably because the weather was crappy and everyone wanted to get the kids out of the house. I know I'm ranting. I volunteer a lot when requests are made, but that event kind of turned me off from wanting to take on a whole event again.