Monday, September 16, 2013

Updating the sidebar

I used to love to update my side it just stares at me and mocks me.

Let's start with the bad stuff, so we can end on a good note:

  • CC - Not really sure what happened.  I think it is gas.  We were using the card to get extra cash back, and I don't think I "paid" the bill as we went.  So the balance is up, and working its way back down.  There will be several hundred dollars more applied to this as the month goes on, so I am hoping to feel a little better about this soon.
  • Dentist - This went up slightly due to G-man's last appointment.  I already paid the bill for the month, so it will go down until January, when he has his next appointment.
  • Bossy Supplies - Alas, I paid it off, but since this is an on-going will just continue to bounce around.  I haven't paid it for this month yet (not until wk of the 23rd), so it will go down a bit, until the next bill adds in.  Not much I can do about this.

And the Good stuff:

  • Retirement loan - we are below 25K!!!  I have no idea why that number is a just is.  We still have a ways to go....but it is nice to hit a milestone.
  • Student loan - this is a little premature...but once this bill is paid for the month (again, wk of the 23rd), it will also be below 25k!!
  • Car loan - Not much to celebrate here....except we are 2 payment away from dropping to the next thousand level down.

Some Miscellaneous notes:

  • We actually have some additional medical stuff that I didn't tally in here.  A little is left from Bossy's procedure in June, and the rest is the kids' dentist.  Both of these will be paid off in November, and I just didn't want to add them in.  I really am not looking at them as "debt" because we knew this was how it was going to go....and neither are bills that will go back up.
  • We paid off the stove from our EF, so that is showing a major hit.  I suppose that is what it is there for.  Just a bummer that we were THIS close to $2000, and in a heartbeat....we are back down.
  • We continue to save for irregular bills.  Trash bill should come anytime now, and the water bill is in November.  Then of course our car taxes in January!
  • We have $600 in the Christmas fund. 
  • I am taking a week off from work at Christmas, and since I don't have paid time off....we are saving up for a week's salary.  Even this little bit that we are saving now is biting into things.  But I know a week without pay will bite more.

I predicted back in January that we would be at about 62k at the end of the year....and I think we will be right around there.  I was hoping to be in the 50's, but that was also when I thought we would have more overtime.  I am not completely ruling it out....but I am also not expecting it.

There are a few work things going on that haven't been finalized, so I am hesitating on using too much money toward debt right now.  As much as I would like to use our 3 paycheck month toward debt, we will be saving it for the time being.  I am also hoping to sell a few things on Craigslist soon, and possibly cut back on Christmas a little.  Any of those "savings" will also get put aside.

So the plan for now is to keep going.  Not a stellar update, but at least the number is down a little.


  1. I think any sort of milestone is a good thing, especially if it moves you closer to your goal. Maybe you can keep some or most of the 3rd paycheck to cover for your week during Christmas?

  2. Like you said, " least the number is down a little." I would consider that a success!

  3. Hey, I see you as making great progress. yes it is slow but the numbers are going down. I am trying to get my side bar to look like yours and I haven't even put more than one debt out there. A work in progress like my progress..... we are in this together fun, fun, fun!

  4. Ditto what everyone else said. We have to celebrate the smaller wins because it is those that ultimately win the battle.

  5. It great when you can break another $10K mark! The hubby and I just got under $50K with our debt and it feels great. Keeping plugging along. Progress is progress!

  6. Your comments after CC make me think you aren't tracking your spending. Do you have a budget? If so, you should match all credit card charges to the appropriate category. If not, why not?

    1. In August, our spending tends to go up because of birthdays, back to school, and some emotional spending. And no, I usually don't track it. It is self sabotage.