Saturday, August 24, 2013

Stupid stressors I didn't need!

Calgon take me away!!!  Amazing how in ONE day....Two totally unrelated things managed to make me aggravated and upset.  And not sure what to do about either one.

The first:  Backpacks, or lack there of.

Went to school...met the special ed teacher....took a tour.  We were told that the kids put their coats and backpacks in their lockers, but they aren't "allowed" to go back to their lockers until the end of the day. They are required to have a zippered binder for all of their classes, as a way to keep everything together and organized.  Ok, I can buy that. 

However, they are also required to carry their lunch and their gym clothes around all day!

No "backpack."  But carry your binder, lunch, and clothes all day?  But they can have "mini" drawstring bags to put their clothes in, and some kids put their lunch in there.  Great.  Whose dumb a$$ idea was this? 

So now I am trying to find a mini bag for them that doesn't look stupid, or childish.  And this was certainly not in the budget.  Their supply list did have a bag for clothes, but no where in there did it say that these kids are carrying all of this stuff all every class.  I figured a little zippered tote...throw it back in your locker.....take it home on Friday to be washed. 

I have to wonder how many kids lose their lunch and gym clothes....

I get that they are trying to control chaos and such by NOT having the kids go to their lockers.  But then let them have their backpack!

PLUS, they don't have locks on their gym locker.  Great.  So who is to say stuff isn't going to go missing. 


And the second:  Sassy shaved her eyebrow.

Oh good grief child.  WHY????

She did it in the shower, so she wasn't even looking in a mirror.  Shaved a chunk off.  She has fairly thick eyebrows (sorry get that from me).  But I was NOT letting my 11 year old tweeze.  She didn't ask about it, and if it was bothering her...she never said.  She just did it.

The debate is what to do about it.  G-man says leave it and let her look stupid.  It is the stupid tax.  It will grow back.  I am just picturing her starting MIDDLE SCHOOL...looking stupid.  And getting made fun of.  So I want to take her to get her brows waxed, just to try and even to the two sides out a bit, and fill in with a pencil.

Or if I want to be torturous....I will make her lay down and I will pluck every ever loving hair until it is evened out.

Oh Judy.....what would you do??????


  1. Oh my! I did the same eyebrow shaving thing when I was her age, only with my dad's electric razor! Sassy, you have my sympathy! Sorry G-man, but Mysti is right and Sassy is already humiliated enough... I still burn with embarrassment 30 years later.

  2. Kids can be so viciously cruel these days, I would not let her go to school like that. I would take her and get them waxed. She likely will never do this again. Making her "look stupid" may have emotional consequences that you would never want to inflict on your child.

  3. Take her to get her eyebrows waxed, and buy her an eyebrow pencil to fill in if needed. And then buy her a pair of tweezers, and make her learn to tweeze her own eyebrows.

    Don't be like my dad, who told me that my unibrow could be controlled by wetting a finger and smoothing the hair upwards. Don't let her grow up to be like me, and she won't Nair off a bit of her eyebrow when she's 27. And who still doesn't know how to pluck her own eyebrows because she wore glasses, and couldn't even see the hairs with her glasses off. And has such caterpillars there isn't enough vodka in the world to get me through it.

  4. oh my goodness! I would try to help her out to make it look better too. She just made a poor decision and she hasn't hurt anybody but herself. I don't think making it worse will do any good. Life sure throws you some curves, doesn't it!

  5. Please don't make her go to school like that. Middle school is hard enough to deal with. She made a mistake. One that her father doesn't understand because he's not a girl. I hope it won't be noticeable in her first day. Bless her heart. :(

  6. Please don't make her go to school like that. Middle school is hard enough to deal with. She made a mistake. One that her father doesn't understand because he's not a girl. I hope it won't be noticeable in her first day. Bless her heart. :(

  7. I would take her ti get them fixed...and say very little about it. Middle School...bleah! One of the reasons I am so careful about our finances is to be home for my kids during these years, so we can take my Kidd out of the school and in to private or homeschool at a moment's notice. Good luck.

  8. Waxing is relatively affordable --- the princess gets hers done because she has her Dad's eyebrows. I generally just tweeze mine because they have a better natural shape than her's do. As for the drawstring bags --- sporting good stores usually have them --- and if you get one that is branded by the store, they are usually cheaper --- because you are advertising for them. (Sadly, i just sent about 5 of those that were tournament freebies from our soccer days off to the Salvation Army, or I'd drop one in the mail to you!) Good luck!

  9. Get them fixed. I was a late bloomer. We had to take showers after P.E. and I had no signs of puberty. So when I finally I am sure with a magnifying glass found some hair in the nether region I used my mom's mascara to darken it. Well they did not have water proof mascara back then! Let's talk humiliated. G-man needs to be a girl for one day!

  10. Fix it.

    This is a common thing. A middle school girl tries and groom her eye brows without telling mom and asking how it should be done. I don't blame them. I needed to shave my entire leg but my mom only let me shave below my. I looked like a half shaved gorilla in shorts. Something about my age, not liking I was shaving them at all and some wives tale about not needing to shave as an adult if you didn't shave earlier. My legs were uncomfortable in pants. You know when you can tell you need to shave and then you do. It's not a magic age, it's by necessity. Start off with an eye brow wax and then start the tweezers.

    The school stuff is just ridiculous.

  11. I'm with the rest of the choir... get her somewhere to get it fixed, but make sure the punishment comes in other areas (maybe a lot of extra chores until they grow up, shorter curfew, less tv time, etc), so she doesn't associate messing up tremendously with getting what you want anyway. I can't say I ever tried that, but I guess I could understand.