Thursday, August 22, 2013

More trust stuff

My power is out and my phone won't let me edit my previous post.  But the person we have been talking to is not from a bank or particular lending/investing place.  I don't want to use names...but it is from a large National organization that does financial managing.

Right now....I am leaning toward talking to someone else, just to compare.   One thing I didn't like was how she didn't get how I didn't understand all of this!


  1. I find investing so confusing and I've actually spent a lot of time trying to understand it. I keep thinking I need to find a financial advisor to help me out but never get that far.

  2. It all takes so much time to follow these things up, doesn't it. Paperwork makes my head spin. But with something as important as a trust fund...I'd definitely get two or more opinions.

  3. Maybe that person was surprised at the amount of money and thought anyone trying to establish a trust fund ought to know things like that? I know I probably wouldn't. They're complicated, changing and unpredictable. If you can talk to someone else without incurring much of an expense, that'd be the best step.

  4. I commented on your previous post, but email me at and I'll try to answer your questions. I am self-educated about personal finance, but I think index funds are the way to go.

  5. good luck that's all I can say. We meet with our financial advisor who is with TD Waterhouse, which is Canadian next month. We pay just over $100 a year for both of us and she is doing a fine job of juggling around our $100!!!! Yes it's more but not as much as we need when we retire. You have to find someone you can trust and get along with and this person doesn't seemed to have clicked with you from what you said.

    You asked about our mortgage and we had it for 24 years, but would have had it paid off sooner if we hadn't of added to it on our second house purchase. Then we went to buy two more houses, but we made enough profit on the second and third house to not need an increase in the mortgage. Clear as mud?

    Gill in Canada