Sunday, August 25, 2013

GBU - August 25, 20013

The last Sunday of August....aka the last Sunday of Summer (unofficially!)

  • New oven arrived.
  • Kids finished their summer projects.
  • Weather has been mostly beautiful.
  • G-man and I are considering getting rid of some stuff in the living room...which should open it up a bit.

  • Home office chair pistons "broke," so the chair is permanently in the lowest position.  
  • My boss has been in a "boss" mood, and the whole office is icky.
  • Not sure about the Financial Advisor, and will probably have to keep looking for another one.
  • Bossy went to the allergist, and his blood levels for sensitivity to his allergens have gone up for some (stayed the same for others).  Not a huge deal, as we already avoid those foods....just hoping that we could TRY and add things back in.

  • Sassy shaving off a piece of eyebrow.  More upset with her about lying about it than the fact she actually did it.
  • G-man has been trying to refinish our kitchen table...and it isn't going well. 
  • Credit card bill is up.  *sigh*

  • Still working on that one.....

So....where are you all at this week???

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  1. Aww.. feel bad about your daughter. There's so much pressure now to be "beautiful", etc... what did you end up doing about that? Did you take her to get them waxed? That's what i'd have done.


    Good: We had an amazing month with "R", my custom orders are steady, I have lots of gorgeous new fabric to play with, hubby surprised me with an iTunes card, etc..

    Bad: Allergies. Ragweed season here is brutal.

    Ugly: My eyes from crying so much over the last 24 hrs. lol!