Monday, August 26, 2013

The eyebrow situation

Women and men are so different.  Every single woman who commented about Sassy's eyebrow said "fix it."  G-man still thinks we should let her go to school that way.  MEN.

We are heading out for back-to-school haircuts this afternoon, and will have Sassy's eyebrows waxed while we are out (the place used to offer waxing services, but if they don't anymore...there is a nail salon in the same strip center). 

I told her I am more upset that she lied about doing it than the fact she did it at all.  I mean, c'mon kid....I can SEE you did something.  Why are you sticking to the story of "no, I didn't."  She doesn't get the fact that lying makes it worse.  Just fess up.

I also told her this is a one time event.  I am willing to help her with her brows (although I think she is too young....I was 16 when I started to tweeze), but she has to come to me for help.  If she decides to take matters into her own hands again....she is on her own. 

She started shaving (below the knee and underarms) in April.  Wearing a bra (although she doesn't fully NEED one yet, but more as a modesty thing to cover her buds) in May.  Now brows in August. 

We have had the "woman" talk....which was met with EWWWW.  Not quite there yet.  Per the doctor, she probably won't start until closer to 12 or 13 (based on her physical development).

Kid.....slow down!!!!!


  1. You made a very reasonable decision. She likely won't try to fix her eyebrows again. My daughter plucked hers way to small one time. There was no fixing them, she had to wait for them to grow back. Luckily for her they did. My mother was about 30 when she allowed an esthetician to pluck her eyebrows. She butchered the job and my mother cried all the way home. Thinking her eyebrows would surely grow back. They didn't. She penciled eyebrows in for about 30 years and then got them tattooed on. Poor woman.

    My daughter was just 2 months shy of 10 when she started her period. Talk about shock. I was 13 and barely ready then. Most girls she knew where 12 or 13. It is an interesting and stressful time for sure. I am glad I am through that part.

  2. I'm glad you're willing to help her this first go around. She's still young enough anything that happens now will have deep impact on their future lives. Embarrassment like that can be hard to overcome. Girls these days develop way too young, I'll concede to that. We were not allowed any makeup at all (no lipstick, limited access to lip gloss, no nail polish, nothing for the face) when we were younger until our Quinceaneras party (at age 15, though mine was at 16), and even then, you were only allowed pink shades of lipstick. No mascara/blush/foundation. Light/clear nail polish.

  3. oh the joys of our little girls developing into women.