Sunday, March 10, 2013

GBU - March 10, 2013

Less Than Two Weeks Until SPRING!

  • On Friday, the whole family did a 45 minute speed clean of the house, and got so much done!
  • No Homework this week due to standardized testing.
  • Made a new dinner, and 3 out of 4 of us loved it.
  • Almost finished my spring wreath.
  • Snow on Friday cancelled school, and postponed the Father/Daughter dance.
  • Another of Sassy's fish died.  We decided that one of the fish is a "bully" and just doesn't want anyone else in the tank with him.

  • I need to figure out the grocery shopping.  We spend way too much, and still don't have any food in the house!
  • G-man didn't like my plan to paint Sassy's room on our snow day.  Oh well!

  • I got a $20 gift card to the grocery store at work as a reward through a "recognition" type program my boss started a few months ago. 

You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week?


  1. Sounds pretty good overall! :) As for groceries, start with a meal plan for the week then you don't come home with "nothing to eat".. lol!

  2. I think Spring being 2 weeks away is GREAT. I'm tired of the shivering, and I'm sure you are more so than we are! We still have not gotten any significant snow! This past week... well, my dad got sick and I worked too much. I'm very hyper from being overly tired. But good stuff is, I probably made about $100 this weekend alone on my part time job!

  3. I am a HUGE fan of Speed Cleanings.

  4. Are you meal planning? Batch cooking?

    Congrats on the gift card!

  5. I am terrible at meal planning. With G-man not home half the week, one kid who won't eat chicken, one kid who won't eat red makes it HARD.

    I do batch cooking, but my last cooking spree was about 3 months ago, and all that stuff is gone.

    1. What you do is have a back-up simple dish (or leftovers) for the one who won't eat what you put on the table, or enough veggies that they don't need to eat the meat. So, on chicken night, the one kid would have a simple sandwich or beef leftovers (or something similar - preferably something the kid could make him/herself). And vice versa on beef nights. Make at least one night's meal vegetarian. And just come up with 7-10 night-time meal menus & repeat - don't feel like you have to come up with something totally new every night. Beef right now is really expensive, so we usually eat chicken, veggie, or pork unless I find some kind of beef on sale.