Friday, March 8, 2013

Another Day Home


This latest storm was originally slated to hit Wednesday night, but turned into a "start" of Wednesday....and is still going right now.  I would say we have about 4 or 5 inches of snow...nothing compared to the 3 feet we got one month ago today!!!

Meanwhile, school is closed.  The kids did not have standardized testing today, so at least that isn't mucked up.  But tonight was the Father/Daughter Dance, which is now postponed until March 15.  Sassy is disappointed, but I tried to highlight that it gives us more time to practice doing her hair.  Instant Happy Girl.

My office closed.  I know my boss is just reeling about doing it, but when you have 25 employees who spend their day on the road, it is just too dangerous.  I brought home work to do, in anticipation of a day home.  Plus, I am sure I will get tons of e-mails, as everyone will be home catching up on paperwork.

Today is G-man's normal day off, so he will be thrown off by having us home.  He is used to having the day "alone."  His original plan today was getting a haircut before the dance, and running to Wal-Mart to get stuff to change the oil in my car. 

So, most likely our day will be a combination of chillin' and workin'.  The most ironic thought of the day is "gee, I can finish my spring wreath!"  HAHAHA.  Love putting out the spring stuff.....during a snowstorm.

Or.......ut oh.  Danger Will Robinson.......

I just remembered something.

We have a $100 gift card to Lowe's.  We can paint Sassy's room!  And still have enough left to get some mulch for the flowers in a few months.

Oh, that sounds like a good idea.......

Probably only a good idea to me.....


Now I am excited!!!!


  1. Oh Mysti, you are so much like me I just love a project.

  2. We had salt trucks all ready to go down here in MD... and all we had was a bit of rain and wind, and a beautiful, gorgeous sunny day on Thu (when it was supposed to be OMG-we're-all-gonna-die kind of weather). Needless to say, we're disappointed we got no snow at all. So I hope you're enjoying yours!

  3. You guys get way more days off for snow than we get for hurricanes. No fair! :D

  4. Its going to be a mid-60's day here! I'm going to be out working in the yard to get the stuff done I've ignored all winter. I'm going to try and see if I can avoid spending on the yard this year.

  5. Painting....ugh!!! Our front porch absolutely must be painted this year. Put it off all last summer(never been so thankful for chronic tendonitis in my life). We will soon start getting snarky looks from our neighbours so I will do it once the snow is gone. Yay me!

    Sassys dance sounds like a lot of fun.