Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Foggy is now clearer....oh boy

Last week was miserable.  This week isn't great, but I wouldn't put it in the miserable category.  However.....I am slowly finding the "mistakes" from last week.  It is obvious that my head wasn't screwed on straight last week.  Now that my head is clearer....I am laughing at some of the mistakes, and shaking it at others.

One example....I paid a zillion bills last week.  And YAY, I did properly record all of them in the check book, and I did have money for it all.  However....I made the medical stuff WAY more complicated than it should have been.  As I am going back and looking at the math, I am shaking my head.  Yes, the math makes sense....but there was a FAR easier way to do it all.

With that said....I did make an error.  Somehow I thought there was an "extra" $100 in our medical account (again, I made this whole process too complicated), so I transferred it out and used it to fill my gas tank, and to put money elsewhere. my much clearer state....I am going *sigh*.  So I transferred it BACK.  Some days I love my systems...other

I am hoping that this afternoon I can do a 1 hour "speed" clean, just to get things back in order from last week, and hopefully be able to finish off a few loose ends.  We are expecting snow tonight, and part of me is hoping for a delay tomorrow morning.  Not a full snowday, but a nice 2 hr delay.  That way I can get 1 load of laundry done, do some work so I don't miss any pay, and we don't have to make up the day!

Do you ever look back and something you did I say "what on EARTH did I do THAT for?????"


  1. Medical account... you are right, I think I need one of those.


  2. Oh honey I have years of my life that I do that, why did I do that? I mean years!

  3. I do that all the time. This week, I paid everything I was supposed to pay, then kind of held my breath hoping I hadn't forgotten something. Fortunately I hadn't, but since most stuff I paid wasn't due til next week, I might try and save myself some stress and pay stuff closer to the due date.

  4. LOL! I do it constantly. Right now I'm in financial limbo too. It looks like MAYBE child support is finally going to stabilize but I don't know for how long and I don't know for how much. So I'm in a holding pattern-- saving as much of it as possible but also allowing myself to purchase the things that have been too neglected.

  5. That was me on Friday after I got paid. I'm lucky ING/Cap360 is very lenient with transfers from a savings account (BOA would charge you after 3 transfers). I moved money so much around, I thought it'd just get lost in transit.

  6. Only all the time ..... we women have way too much going on & way too much in our heads ... sometimes we get confused LOL