Monday, March 11, 2013

Here we go again....the car

Any long time reader knows that we do not have much luck with cars.  I truly think it is because we put so many miles on our car.  But nonetheless, we have to deal with the issues as they come up.

G-man's car.....apparently needs new ball bearings.  This latest repair will be just under $600.  Bring us to about $2,000 in repairs in the past 12 months. 

He has an '04 Ford Explorer (we will never buy another Ford again....).  Since we have owned it, we have had the wheels fall off twice, replaced the transmission, O2 sensors, muffler, alternator, battery, and I think the water pump.  Plus tires, oil changes, etc.   Oh, and this isn't counting the work that G-man has done himself.

We can cobble the money together from a few different pools of money, but once again, our car maintenance fund will be DRY. 

The "plan" was to get my car paid off, and then get him another car.  My car will be paid off in December 2016.  I don't know if his car is going to last that long. 

This is so frustrating!!!!!!


  1. I'm sorry to hear that about your car. It might be cheaper to buy him an older reliable car in the $4-5000 range than keep dumping money in that one.

  2. I really feel your pain! My hubby had his nice CRV totaled last year by an uninsured driver. We couldn't afford another, so we had to buy something with the insurance money we got. He bought a used Ford Taurus & it's been nothing but trouble :(

  3. Just posted a bit about car repairs... have you tried shopping for the parts? Dealerships, mechanics and brand-name stores will charge an arm and a leg for parts, and then the other arm, leg and an eye for the labor. If you can get the parts, at least that lessens the blow a bit.

  4. FORD- Found On Road Dead LOL. Back in 2001 I had a F150, great truck and I also love the Mustang but I mainly drive the Asian brands now...


  5. cars are such a frustrating expense. I hate them but we have to have them. Sorry:(

  6. Hi there! great stuff here, I'm glad that I drop by your page and found this very interesting. Thanks for posting. Hoping to read something like this in the future!

  7. It’s sad to hear that your car had already gone through many repairs, which cost you a lot of money. I really hate car repairs, and that is why I always make sure that my car is well taken care of and maintained. This is also to prevent costly repairs in the future. Additionally, I always make sure that the transmission is in good condition because that’s a car part that is usually expensive to repair. ->Jae Gunderson

  8. That is a lot of repairs. How long had you have that Ford Explorer, btw?

    I agree with Tanner. Try checking for alternative sources of parts. Most probably you’ll find the same quality of parts for a much cheaper price if you look around. Just be careful and do a little research on the seller before buying.

    Enoch Ross

  9. Was that Ford Explorer brand new when you guys bought it, or was it used beforehand? Sometimes, that’s the problem in buying used cars, especially if the previous owner was lax about maintenance and would pawn off the repairs to the next owner. I would suggest getting a new car before having to succumb to additional costs due to repairs. However, at this point it just has to hold on until expenses allow for a new one.

    Ava Harness