Thursday, November 15, 2012

Well, THAT was poor planning

I have no one but myself to blame on this one...Did you know that Thanksgiving is next week?

While I logically knew this, the planning side of me sort of forgot.  OK, that isn't entirely accurate....I planned on buying my groceries this weekend (with the zillion other people).  But what I forgot to account for was the grocery store flyer.

I JUST opened the flyer.  One store has a sale cycle of Friday to Thursday, is the last day.  And there is a $0.40 off gas coupon in there for spending $75.  GRRR.  I was even planning on going to the grocery store gas station TODAY, as I have $0.30 off.

So the new plan is to go to store my non-perishables for next my points, which usually take 24 hrs to credit, and fill the tank tomorrow.  But I still need I have to go and get a couple of bucks worth to tide me over.

Oh but wait....I am volunteering this afternoon at school from 3pm-5:30pm.  Which means that hitting the grocery store will be AFTER that....when all the crowds of people are stopping on their way home from work.

Oh yeah....and I have kids.  I was planning on giving them leftovers from dinner last night, but neither of them liked dinner, and I do not wish to repeat last night's "but I don't LIIIIIIIIIKE it."  So add something easy for dinner to the list.

And yeah....I have something I need to return to the grocery store so I can submit receipts to school.  So add in waiting on line to return stuff.

Today is one of those days where work just gets in my way! 

Oh well.....suck it up Mysti.  You got yourself into this mini-mess.  Deal with it.


  1. Sounds like a busy evening. But unlike me, I'm sure you will get it all done. I hate when I misplan my gas usage, and have to put like $10 in gas to hold up until a full refill (since the difference in gas prices between work and my parents' house is of $0.25-30 cents!).

  2. I think this early Thanksgiving is catching everyone off guard.