Sunday, November 18, 2012

GBU - November 18, 2012 was a good week!  Can't wait for Thanksgiving this coming week, decorating for Christmas, and shopping!

The Good:
  • Had a nice evening out on Friday with a friend.
  • My desk wasn't as much of a disaster as I anticipated after my trip.
  • Found a sitter so we can go to a holiday cocktail party in December.
  • Got our new Christmas tree for the kitchen.
  • My BFF is coming to visit in January!!!!
  • Sold the treadmill.

The Bad:
  • Sassy still is is the one left over part of being a preemie for her....reactive airway syndrome.

The Ugly:
  • G-man's car repair ended up costing $560, not $200 as estimated.


  • I volunteered at school on Wednesday afternoon, and was running late due to traffic.  When I got to school, my friend told me that Sassy was in her classroom getting some extra help from her teacher on the new math lesson they started.  She did that all on her own.  Later, she came and found me and asked if she could finish her homework in her classroom.  So proud that she takes such pride and has a good work ethic.
  • Bossy loves his sister so much.  He doesn't say it...but he does.  When she was at scouts this week, he was so lost without her.  He couldn't wait for us to go get her, and then asked her a zillion questions about her meeting.  He may bug her....ALOT...but he just adores her.
  • G-man was invited to a "guy" weekend in April.  He wants to go, but was willing to give it up if I wanted to use that money elsewhere.  He has never taken a guy weekend, and we have time to save I want him to go.  He works 2 jobs, and he deserves a weekend to himself.

You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week???

1 comment:

  1. The Good: Girls are home for the weekend.
    I have a week off from the studio!
    The bad: Still not enough money in to be comfortable.
    Parents who lie and have to be forced to pay tuition.

    The Ugly: Bills, and ever growing debt.

    The Great: Our first Holiday performance is off the ground and it was wonderful.