Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat - October 28, 2012

Tonight's Chit Chat....

Reading:  I am about a few chapters into Mockingjay (third book in The Hunger Games series).   We treated ourselves and got On-Demand and saw the Hunger Games movie (and like most people, think the book was better, but the movie wasn't bad).  I am also reading a book that my therapist recommended to help prepare me for my upcoming trip to see Mom and Dad.  We hit the library yesterday, so I also have Red Mist by Patricia Cornwell, and Will I Ever Be Good Enough? waiting in the wings.

Watching: Probably the news!  But I also might watch "fluffy" tv just as a change too.

Listening to:  Mike the Knight.

Cooking/Baking: Dinner tonight mac and cheese, kielbasa, and green beans.  I have meatballs for the crockpot that I was planning on cooking tomorrow morning.  If the power goes out...I will send the crockpot to work with G-man (yes....he has to work), and he can cook it there.  hee hee.

Happy you accomplished today:  All the laundry and storm prep! I even finished getting my items for my Secret Sister Swap.  Not sure when I will get to mail it this week....will depend on the weather. 

Looking forward to next week: At this idea!!!

Thankful for today: That I have the ability to get ready for the storm....and not be overwhelmed.

Bonus Question:

Are you located in an are that's supposed to be affected by Hurricane Sandy?  Um, yeah!!!  Connecticut is supposed to be the hardest hit state due to the Long Island Sound.  We are slated for more wind than rain, but the storm surge is supposed to be upward of 15 feet.  We live right near the Connecticut River, which floods when it just regular rains.  We are supposed to have roads washed out.  And wide spread power outages.

Thanks to Carla for hosting!! 


  1. Hope the books gives you some insight, Mysti!! Praying for your family!! ((hugs))

  2. I'd been thinking about you as I listened to the news today. I love that you will just send the crockpot to work with G-man. Very clever. Take care!

  3. Praying for y'all as Sandy bears down --- stay safe and dry!!!!!