Monday, October 29, 2012

Stormy updates

10:23am - Right now we still have power.  I got my meatballs in the crockpot at 7am, so we have a nice, warm dinner.  The governor has closed all the highways as of 1pm.  G-man is at his part time job right now, but will be leaving around 12pm run home and back out the door to the office. 

I did fill the bathtub with water, just in case.  The water supply plant is right on the river, so there is a chance that it could flood out.  I have 2 cases of bottled water, (2) gallon jugs of water, and 2 pitchers in the fridge for drinking and cooking. 

The kids and I are fine. Phone is charged.  I cleaned the fish tanks this morning, so if we lose power, at least the fish have clean water.  The cats are fascinated with the blowing leaves.

I have the mobile Blogger app so I am hoping to update you as we go.  But please know how much I appreciate the safe wishes!!!  I wish you all the same.