Monday, October 29, 2012

Updates from the phone

8:19 pm.  Kids in bed with flashlights.  Cats in bed with kids.  I am settling in to read for awhile and listen to the storm.  It is kind of soothing and peaceful in a way.

6:42 pm - Power officially out.

6:28 pm -  Wow the wind is LOUD!

6:10 pm - Power went out for a minute and came back.  Bossy not handling it well.  Decided to shower kids just in case.  Discovered that the plug in the tub leaks and all the water I had filled earlier today drained out.

5:08 pm - Raining like a champ.  Big gusts of wind.  One just blew open the back door.

4:00 pm -  Not much happening.  Mayor put an 8pm curfew in effect.

2:40 pm - Power flashed on and off.  

12:58 pm - He arrived safely.

12:54 pm - More rain than earlier.  The wind definitely gusts.  But the power is still on for now.  News says the worst will be from 3pm to 3am.   G-man said the grocery store was very busy.  He left about 20-25 min ago to go to the office.  Haven't heard from him yet that he has arrived.

11:02 am - Just testing my mobile app.  Still have power.  Storm has gotten stronger, with winds up to 90mph.


  1. I am praying for you all! Be safe!

  2. Mysti - stay safe. At least we are not being caught unaware like last fall.

  3. Glad to hear he got there safely. Stay warm and dry!

  4. hope all goes well for you, good to read your updates xx

  5. if its safe keep us updated. Getting windy here in Southern Ontario.


  6. Thank you for the update! Stay safe.

  7. Thinking about your family. Stay safe.

  8. Looking forward to more updates, hope you are ok. The coverage we are seeing here in Australia is so scary.