Sunday, October 28, 2012

GBU - October 28, 2012

The Good:
  • Got Bookfair done.
  • G-man's muffler problem can be fixed for under $100.
  • Bossy had a great check-up at the GI doctor.
  • Baffle for the washer arrived.

The Bad:
  • Storm prep blew the budget.
  • Getting over a cold.

The Ugly:
  • School has already been cancelled for Monday and Tuesday.
  • No school = no bookfair.  So glad I worked so hard.
  • Frankenstorm is approaching.

  • I wasn't home for this, but still wanted to share.  On Friday, while I was setting up Bookfair, G-man had our kids, and my co-chair's kids at our house.  They were all playing outside, and some neighborhood kids came over.  So at one point, we had a whole yard full of kids!!  Awesome.

You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week???


  1. can the bookfair be rearranged? We used to love the book fair when the kids were little. Is it run by Scholastic, or I wonder if that's a Canadian company.

    The Good: we had some good weather this past week, so still no furnace on.

    The Bad: Should have done more outside work.

    The Ugly: Got issues with family!!! Enough said on that!

    1. We called Scholastic, and as of Friday, they said the fair needed to move on to the next school. But they will re-assess if they need to.

      Beyond our work....the bookfair is a fundraiser for school. If we don't have it, it will be $$$ lost.

      I hear ya on family issues!!!!

  2. Hope your family stays safe & out of harms reach!!!

  3. Ditto Carla! Stay safe & dry.

    Good - the week is over. The product that I worked on officially launched.
    Bad - I dealt with a lot, lot, lot of crap at work last week.
    Ugly - I'm too old for all nighters. I'm exhausted & grouchy.


    SAw the above and thought of you!

  5. Keep safe. Hope this is nothing like they are predicting.

  6. Ack, sorry the book fair may be cancelled!!!

    Our good was finishing unpacking, our bad was how tired I am without blackout curtains, there actually wasn't that much ugly...I guess we are stressing about money this first month with two mortgages and homes to take care of. The great was a fantastic Halloween party we had yesterday! :-)

  7. I hope they can reschedule the bookfair. The situation definitely falls under those out-of-your-control events and they should reconsider... as for my GBU
    Good: Worked Fri/Sat, even if it was only 12 hours total. Spent some good quality time with my dad.
    Bad: Spent $60 getting food for my dad's house. I sure don't miss bulk purchasing...
    Ugly: None! Other than I'll have to drive back and forth from work to my parents' house during this storm. Hope it's not a bad commute.