Thursday, October 18, 2012

Just Baffling

Back in August, I posted about the replacement baffle we needed for the washing machine.  We had the choice of buying a single baffle, or a package of three.  We decided to buy the single one, since what is the chance that we would need another one. We should have remembered that these type of decisions never work out for us.

Another baffle broke this week.  So we have to order a replacement.  This time we will order the 3-pack, just in case the third one goes (and since we are buying the 3-pk, it pretty much guarantees that the we won't need them).

Oh well.


  1. Has Murphy set up permanent residence at your house or what?!

  2. Ugh, that bites. I hate when I get into those choices; of picking few items or picking extras for a bit more. Like you said, if you get one, the next one is guaranteed to break, but if you get multiple, no other ones will break for a long while... can't win with these things somedays...

  3. I agree with One Family, Murphy is around too much at the moment.