Friday, October 19, 2012

Wings for Autism

I am a big believer in signs….more specifically….dates. I am VERY date sensitive, and when dates are approaching that have a positive or negative memory associated with them, I feel it. I don’t just feel it…I relive it. It really can stink, particularly for the negatives. I remember everything in detail, and it physically impacts me.

I also tend to pick dates, and later find out they relate to something else, or sometimes the timing is just really good or bad for something. All of this is after the fact.

Back in June, when the idea of going to my parents’ house first came up, I looked into a program called Wings for Autism. Basically, they allow families with members on the spectrum to do a mock boarding at the airport, to prepare them for the real thing. You go through security, get on a plane….the whole 9 yards.

They didn’t have any upcoming events, but I put us on the wait list. Well, today I got an e-mail that they are having an event at our local airport on November 4.  We are leaving on November 7 to go to my parents’ house.

This is so terrific….we get to do a trial run just a few days before our real trip. I am so hopeful that this will go well, and maybe it is a sign that our trip was meant to be….and will also be positive.


  1. That is a wonderful program. I've never heard of anything like it. I hope it goes well as well! And hopefully the proximity will help make it even smoother.

  2. How timely and wonderful for you and your family!

  3. What a wonderful program. I am a big believer in dates myself. In fact I am off my game today because today is my first husbands birthday-he would have been 47 and the day my grandfather died 23 years ago.

    I hope this helps your son!

  4. that is such a good idea. Hope everything goes well.


  5. What a wonderful program! Good luck on both the mock and real boarding!