Monday, August 20, 2012 better not stay!!

OK, who sent Murphy to me?  Kim?  Was it you????

In the past week, Murphy has decided to be a devilish little fella, and has infiltrated a few things.  While I appreciate it isn't a full on attack, I am still not thrilled that he is here at at all.  C'mon house isn't that really don't want to stay.

1)  My tire.  A few weeks ago, my digital read out in the car rang off "low tire pressure."  Ok...I went on a search for a air pump (not as easy to find as I would have thought), and one tire was in the low 20's.  Yeah, that is low.  OK....moving on.   A week later, same thing.  Same tire.  This time I noticed a gash in the side.  It is about 1.5 inches long.  No idea what it is from.  Since it is on the side of the tire, I am guessing something from the road kicked up.

G-man put the spare on (it is a full spare, not a donut).  So we need to save up to get a new tire.

2)  Washing machine.  We have a front loader.  In the drum, there are these "shelf" things. They help with keeping the clothes balanced and tumbling.  I have since learned that they are called baffles.  One came off.  G-man looked into it, and apparently on our model they didn't use very secure tabs to mount them, as other people have had the same issue.  At first, we were just going to let it go.  But the clothes aren't spinning right, and the raw edges are snagging the clothes.  I did some laundry yesterday, and several pairs of socks got trashed, as well as one of Sassy's favorite shirts.  So we had to order a new baffle.

3)  Door shelf on Fridge.  Our fridge was manufactured in 1994.  Stuff is going to wear out.  And periodically, the bracket on the door shelves decide to go ka-put.  When we open the door, the bracket will come loose, and the shelf contents go tumbling.  We have replaced 2 sets so far.  Well, make that three as of yesterday.  The same place we ordered the baffle has we ordered a new bracket.

So far, the cost is only $36, since we haven't done the tire yet.  I can live with $36.  But let's not make a habit of all of this.


  1. I agree, time for Murphy to move on, but NOT my ways!! ;) Can you pay for the tire out of your EF, I'd consider a tire an emergency in my books!

  2. Uh oh. If you're sending Murphy away, please don't send him over here. The couch is still warm from his last visit!