Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dig, Dig, Dig

My day yesterday was so bad....I can't even re-tell it.  By dinner time, I was just sitting on the kitchen floor, laughing.  While I realize that there is ALWAYS something worse...the amount of things that went wrong from the moment I woke up was just laughable.

New day....

I am BURIED with work.  And with being out for the next two days, I have to make sure it is ALL done, as I am sure by Friday, it will have built up again. 

I haven't read much about you all in the past 2 days, as I have barely stopped long enough to pee. 

So hoping I will get to catch-up some tomorrow as I am recouping from surgery.  And maybe Thursday.  But I have a meeting Thursday morning, and need to get Sassy her back to school outfit.  So much for recouping!

If I don't respond to your comments right away....sorry!  I will get there....just probably not today!

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