Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th!

End of the work week (for most people)...the 13th....WOO HOO!

G-man is home with the kids today, and they collectively decided we are having breakfast for dinner.  Yay!  And G-man offered to get cat litter while he is out and about today (it is cheapest at Sam's Club, but it weighs 42 lbs!!).  So that saves me a trip tomorrow.

G-man is working a double shift (7am-11pm) tomorrow, so the kids and I are on our own.  It is supposed to be in the 70's tomorrow, so my plan is yard work.

Loan paper work has been submitted, so now we wait.

I need to find the box in the attic with our old tax returns so I can find something with our OLD address (like over 10 yrs ago), so I can submit the "found" money paperwork.  I know roughly where the box is just locating it.

But for today.....I am going to enjoy the quiet at the on little things that are way back burner things....and look forward to dinner tonight!  Oh, and we have dessert.  :)

How is your Friday and weekend shaping up??


  1. Sounds like a peaceful yet productive day for you! Enjoy!!

    Big event fundraiser with my work tonight but both my husband and I have bronchitis, so we're staying home. I'm tucked in to bed to write all day, he's off to work for a few meetings. I'm presenting a workshop tomorrow, so I need to get better. But it's raining and cold outside, so if I have to be stuck in bed, today's the day. Sad to be missing the event. I was so looking forward to a gourmet meal and getting all glammed up. But the way I feel today, can't imagine getting out of my warm jammies!

  2. My Friday has been super busy! Tomorrow hubby and I have softball practice for our church league. Then lots of relaxing is to be done!

  3. I've been off for a few days to recharge. But I have to go grocery shopping and so forth. Charming!

  4. good for you...sounds like a great day so far!
    we are just cleaning up from my sons birthday party...28 boys playing at my house...easy really...they all love hot dogs!!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Prom is finally tonight (Saturday), so my day will be spent running to and from hair, makeup and nail appointments, then my evening will be spent doing the mom worry thing. I'm hoping to make good use of that extra worry energy and get a menu plan and grocery list in order. Those cupboards are BARE!