Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ew Ew Ew

I went outside after lunch...prepared to do a full afternoon of yard work.  I had my water, my sunglasses.  I had 2 helpers (who started off strong....and petered out quickly).

The first bed....I had to cut down the WAY overgrown Pampas Grass (I will be digging alot of it out and giving it to a neighbor).  I managed to get a blister 90 seconds in when my hand got pinched with the clippers.  Excellent.  It took about an hour, but I got it all cut down, and the kids did a great job of picking it up and using the wheelbarrow to move it.

The second bed....didn't work out so well.  About a minute into raking the leaves (the ones that G-man told me there weren't that many of and that's why he didn't take care of it last fall).....I saw it.


It was the elusive Spitting King was 100,000 feet long and it tried to swallow me whole.  EW EW EW!!!! 

My ever so supportive husband (who is at work) told me to move to another area.  How am I supposed to keep working knowing that this gigantic monster was after me!  He may have friends....he may have even BIGGER cousins.

I tried....I really did.  But I was too freaked out.  Thus concluded my yardwork for the day.


  1. I recycle this as my famous story, Mysti, but I was outside on the phone early last fall, barefoot, and one of those things slithered right over my foot. I looked down and saw nothing; thought it was my imagination until I saw it staking out territory on my porch a few minutes later. I think that ends the days of barefoot in my own yard.

    1. When I was 10, I went to my grandmother's garage (in the woods), in barefeet. A snake wrapped itself around my ankle. That is when my terror of snakes began.

      Ugh, it creeps you out, doesn't it???

  2. We get a lot of garden snakes in our yard, and our tenant runs to the other side of the property when he sees them. In all fairness, he grew up in water moccasin country so, I understand his concern. I'm a giant toughy when it comes to snakes, but the tiniest spider and I head for the hills. We all have our limits.

  3. Ewww...Mysti - that story about a snake wrapping itself around your ankle!!!

    I'd be resting up for a good long while and not going NEAR the yard!

    (P.S. is it just me, but the post form won't allow me to post from my Wordpress blog?)

  4. Oh Yuck....I would have been yelling and running if I came across that guy and I would probably swear off yardwork all together. I rather have a tooth pulled without novacane (again) than come in contact with waterbugs, bees, or snakes.

  5. Sorry to hear about your encounter. I can only imagine how my wife would react. Given that I am called over to deal with everything from spiders to ants, I'm pretty sure the scream would be heard a few miles over...

  6. YUCK! I ran into a snake Sunday while working in the yard! I SWEAR it was the same variety that was after you!!!!! Freak out! Screaming like a girl! Throwing yard tools..... all in a day's work!

  7. And I would never go out in that garden again LOL