Sunday, April 8, 2012

GBU - April 8, 2012

Happy Easter, to those who celebrate.....Happy Sunday to those who don't.

The Good: 
  • Loan papers arrived yesterday.
  • Root canal is done and now need the crown.
  • Tickets for Sesame Place arrived.
The Bad:
  • After surveying the coming weeks....every weekend is BOOKED until Memorial Day.
  • Paid the speeding ticket that G-man got.
  • Still waiting on FSA reimbursement for root canal.
The Ugly:
  • Boss and I are disagreeing about ALOT of things.
  • Slip cover on LoveSeat has a few small holes, which Bossy has discovered, and is making larger....may need to replace them sooner than later (hopefully I can just stitch it before it gets too big).

You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week???


  1. The good - my parents came up from South Carolina; my parents went back to South Carolina; I've gotten tons of stitching done and started lots of new projects; our income tax return came and we put most of it into savings.

    The bad - my parents went back to South Carolina (I know, it's good and bad) and I won't see them again until June, I haven't heard from my best friend who has stage 4 breast cancer in days, my kids have been off on spring break for 10 days and my house is a wreck.

    The ugly - We spent a LOT when my parents were here and I had to give them a big check for the beach house; the balance on the credit card doesn't seem to be getting any lower no matter how much I send them because we keep using it; I have both amazon prime and netflix and still can't find ANYTHING to watch. I'm thinking of giving up on television altogether. (Maybe that's a good thing?)


    1. My parents live far away too. We see them maybe once a year... Yes, it is good to see them, but there is a reason we live so far away!!

  2. Are you working up to a slipcover purchase?

    1. If the slipcover dies (it is about 6 years old), we will have to save for a new one. The kind we have is about $120. With a coupon for BB&B, it will bring it down a little. Of course, there are 2 in the ideal situation, we would replace both.

      We were REALLY hoping to not replace them. The sofas underneath them are shot, and would like to save for new ones. But that isn't on the radar at the moment.

      If you are asking are we going to go buy one, and then I announce it, and then get slammed for it....that isn't the plan. However...if the slip cover really falls apart, SOMETHING has to go over the sofas...the fabric on the sofa is shredded, and without a cover, it is just stuffing falling out.

    2. I was going to reply but it got long so I just put it in my own blog. One thing I forgot to suggest is that you might want to just throw out the sofas. You could get replacements that have some life in them from Freecycle or a yard sale. I bought a sofa for $70 from a thrift shop and it obviously sat mostly unused in someone's house forever (it had sun fading along the back) and it lasted us for another forever (we beat the hell out of furniture so we threw it out after about 15 years.)

  3. The good: we were in a theatre production all week, which left no time for shopping. Great production, large audiences, our theatre company made money!

    The bad: we both came down with chest colds at the beginning of the run and are still sick a week later. We've never performed on stage sick like this. Blech!

    The ugly: we spent $48 on pizza last night, which will last thru the day, until we eat turkey tonight. And $22 on slushy drinks from Dairy Queen for our raw throats .... not in the budget ..... yuck!! Yummy but yuck!

  4. Mysti,have you thought of using throws or blankets to cover the holes? I've even used cheap throw rugs on the backs and/or arms of couches. I know how hard it is to do without when paying off debt (we're doing it right now), but you'll feel much better using any money saved to reduce your debt.

    1. The actual fabric of the couches is completely destroyed. We have already tried patchs and blankets...and our son just rips it more. The slip covers solved that problem. Now that they have worn and he sees the holes, he is picking again. I am just going to sew the little holes and hope it holds for a bit longer.