Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Night Chit-Chat - April 8, 2012

I have a few weeks before my birthday, but I saw this cake and knew I MUST make it!  Yeah, I am that big of a kid.  I need to find my small baking pan...if I make this in a 9" pan...we will be eating cake forever. It is alot of cake...

Reading? I checked out all sorts of gardening books from the library.  One on hydrangeas, 2 on shade periennials, and 1 on succulents (love them!). 

Watching?  G-man is home tonight, so not sure what is on the agenda.  We were talking about watching Breaking Dawn, but by the time we get started, we may be too tired.

Listening to?  Family Game I would ever be able to listen to something other than kid tv at this time of night.

Cooking/Baking?  Dinner was ham, cheddar bacon potatoes, spiced apples, and green beans.

Happy you accomplished this week?  Most of the laundry is done!  I need to get it ALL done, as we have to remove the computer board from the washing machine to get it reset.  We keep getting an error code, and $80 way less expensive than a repair guy coming out to do it.

Looking forward to next week?  The kids are on Spring Break, so no HW...and I moved Bossy's occupational therapy appoint so that G-man will take him.  Other than camp, we have a low key week!  Also, all the loose end paperwork (which includes stuff that needs to be notarized) will be DONE.

Thankful for today? That we are "done" for the night, and we can just all hang out....


  1. I made a similar cake this year to celebrate our girls' adoptions. The girls were so amazed when we cut into the cake, and loved every bite. I used 8" pans and those made plenty of cake!

  2. That cake looks amazing! What's wrong with eating cake 3x a day?! ;) Wanna come and do my gardening for me? Or at least teach me what to do? lol! Too bad you weren't closer, i'd totally drag you over to be my garden mentor! haha!!

  3. Make sure you use the good food coloring found in cake shops or craft stores, usually the oil based or powdered type. The water based food colorings found in most grocery stores will make it a very muted pastel mismash. I've got an excellent tie-dyed cupcake recipe if you prefer something smaller but just as colorful.