Thursday, April 5, 2012

I didn't want to do it

I updated the sidebar.  The loan is taking forever to process, and since I hadn't updated it in over 2 weeks, I just felt like I needed to do it.  I hated seeing the new number.  It includes the mattress, some gas, and a few other miscellaneous things.  But there it is.

The retirement loan will wipe out all of the CC.  And with a 1.65% rate, very little will go to interest.

Not much should change on those numbers until the loan processes.  The next due date for anything listed is the 15th (car), and that is auto-processed.  On the CC front, the next due date is the 18th, and if for some reason the loan hasn't processed by then, we will just continue to pay the bills as we always have.  On the slight chance that we have "extra" from the loan because we already paid some stuff....that will just go toward the dental bills.

There you are....the dirty dirty.


  1. Have you ever thought of posting a detailed accounting for the month like I do? I'm curious to know how your income goes back out. You could include amounts already in various bank accounts, then amounts that actually come in from pay or whatever source and then exact amounts that go out and through what channels (like car payment, credit card payments, checks or debit transactions or cash withdrawn directly from checking) etc. I found it helpful to get a precise picture of where the money goes, and I do it constantly with totals re-started the first of every month and wrapped up on the last of every month.

  2. I like reading your blog because of your honesty. When trying to pay off debt, it's not always pretty. This is real life we're living and thing happen, bumps in the road and such. Thanks for putting it all out there and giving us the truth about your process.

  3. So this loan will take care of all 37,906.95? If so that's great and you won't have to worry about making all those monthly payments!

    Are you cutting up all the cards? or do you still use them?


  4. an off topic question. do I remember correctly that the Lending Club loan was somewhere around $13000? If so, way to go!! You have paid off more than half in a very short amount of time. Have you considered another one of those instead of a retirement loan?

  5. It will be great to get this loan to consolidate all the others and as long as you keep your emergency fund in tact you should be fine.

  6. I have both declared bankruptcy and taken out a retirement loan in the past. Both times, I have kept my credit cards "just in case" and both times, I (we) have continued to use them.

    I'm not saying you should cut them up. But for me, the temptation is simply too high when something comes up. My husband never wants to use our savings for emergencies (or planned expenses like tuition), so they end up going on the stupid credit cards. And then they sit there and accrue interest while he continues to build the savings account. It makes no sense to me.

    If it was me and under my control, I would wipe out the debt with what we have saved and cut up the cards. But since I don't have the control over where he puts his paycheck, unfortunately, we continue to gain debt when we shouldn't have to.

    I know it's hard to put yourself out there and I am not criticizing you in any way for the way you are doing things. I just wonder if something new will come up and you will have the cards and it will go on there and you'll start all over again WITH the retirement loan already being taken out of his pay. Because that's what is happening to us right now. And it really stinks.

  7. What happened to my comments?!

  8. No idea what happened. Stuff ended up in spam. My commens are missing.