Thursday, March 22, 2012


Gonna whine for a minute....

It is going to be 80 degrees today!  While it is cloudy now, it will all burn off and it will be warm and sunny and perfect. My pasty white legs are SCREAMING for an afternoon of sitting outside, sipping lemonade, and reading a book.

Instead, I will sit in my office with no window, doing paperwork.  I will get home, pick up around the house for the 15 min I will have before the kids get home.  Then we will do homework.  Dinner.  Cub scouts.  Home to get in the shower.  I will do a few things around here, and before I know will be 9pm.

Do you know how tempting it is to play hooky today???????


  1. I think that playing hooky can be necessary sometimes. It depends more on the workplace you're in as to whether it's acceptable or not. Some places are very strict, while others are quite lenient.

    It's quite refreshing being able to take a day off without having to fill it up with doctors visits or other appointments. Just a day to relax. Many times even when we take vacation days, those are relaxing. We're running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to fill our days with fun, when what we really need is to rest a bit.

    If you won't get in trouble for it at work, take the day. You're worth it.

  2. I totally hear you. Whine away! Let's all get some cheese. I will join you in that chair with some cold lemonade. We've been having GORGEOUS days outside this past week, and I can't tell you how much it bites to be stuck inside an office with a tease window (so you can catch glimpses of sunshine). When I was in college, one professor would just say "pick up your stuff, we're going outside" and have classes outside... can you tell why he was so liked? I wish we could just move our computers and sit in the curb or something...

  3. I am so jealous as it is cold and rainy here and I just long for a warm spring day. But I agree, it would be nice to play hooky.

  4. It's gorgeous here, too, but alas, the pollen is an inch thick (I have to wash the windows on the van just to pick up the kiddo at school!) and my allergies aren't amused. So I have to see the sunshine through the windows. I think I'll join you and Tanner for some whine and cheese :)


  5. We've had temps in the mid 80's all week, pollen and inch thick and then finally some rain yesterday!!!! Today would be my choice for staying home and playing hooky! But alas, I'm going to be responsible and stuff.

  6. lol! So our temperatures have moved your way have they?! ;) We're only getting high 70's today, so not as hot as the last few days. I hope you find time to hang outside today!!

  7. I so wanted to call out today but then I remembered that I needed to pay the car insurance so I dragged my butt into work :( Hopefully there will be some son this weekend