Sunday, March 25, 2012

GBU - March 25, 2012

Any one else wondering where March went????


The Good: 
  • We bought our new mattress, and it will be delivered this week.
  • We can apply for our retirement loan anytime now.
  • My flowers are starting to sprout!!!
The Bad:
  • Still have loose ends on paperwork.
  • Gas prices are UP.
  • We ALMOST bought new furniture yesterday (but we didn't. Impulse shopping!)
  • We splurged a little and bought new pillows to go with the mattress. 
  • We are considering buying concert tickets....between tickets, babysitter, parking, and probably something for dinner....we are looking at a $500 night.
The Ugly:
  • My root canal is still causing problems.
  • We have to go grocery shopping, and payday isn't until Wednesday.
  • My side totals are off.  We used our CC for a few things, plus interest that just hit....UGH. The mattress is throwing it off some, but we were accounting for that in our upcoming loan.  I am just upset looking at the numbers.

You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week???


  1. How much are concert tickets? Could you go but skip dinner to save money? (Eat at home beforehand). Concert tickets are always a red flag for me for anyone getting out of debt - they cost so much these days! And they (say 40 - 50 a year) were the reason I had massive debt for years, and were the first thing I cut and I didn't miss them the way I thought I would, so I would recommend not going at all.

  2. We haven't been to a concert in about 10 years. The tickets are $115 each (so $230 for both of us). Concert starts at 7, which means we have to leave our house by 5 to allow for traffic and parking. We probably won't get home until close to midnight (it is a 3 hr concert). So 5pm-12am is $70 for the sitter.

    I over estimated....we are at $300 now. Dinner out wouldn't be anything major....most likely something on the go. So maybe we are closer to $350 with dinner and parking.

  3. Oohh... Enjoy your new mattress!! :) What concert are you wanting to go see? I'll let you know if it's worth the price of the tickets... Hahaha!!!

    1. KISS and Motley Crue. The are each putting on a 90 min show.

    2. My poor hubby wants to go see KISS SO SO bad! He is a HUGE fan! It's just not in the cards to speed $85+ on a concert ticket when I gotta pay off some debt and stop being a slave to it!!

  4. I say no to the tickets. Think of what that could pay off. Sorry.

  5. I agree with Courtney--it is hard to say that you can afford this given your numbers and lack of progress over the last few months.

  6. I think you got pillows instead of the concert! A better purchase anyway!

  7. I'd say make a Pandora radio station with those artists, cook a meal and rock out at home. Use the money saved on tickets to pay extra on the lowest debt. You'll feel much better.