Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Planning for April, May, and JUNE!

I am trying to not look too far ahead in the future.  There are just too many twists and turns in the road, and any long time readers here will know that our family has the knack for hitting every pothole, bend, water trap, and rock that is out there.  But I will say that as we are closing out the first quarter of the far so good.  Time to prepare for the Second Quarter.

Our retirement loan will go in on Saturday (which really is Monday since Saturday isn't a business day).  Depending on how quickly it funds, will determine if it funds in late March (like, the 30th), or early April (more likely).  This is important because our Lending Club loan processes on April 2.  If we have the money before then, we can override the standard monthly debit and pay it off.  If not...then the April payment will go through, and THEN we will pay it off.  We already have the money in the account waiting for the April 2 debit, so if it isn't "needed", then that is $425 that can go towards other things!!

But I will be honest....part of me wants to go shopping!  I may take $100 of it to buy new "foundation garments" as they are buy 1, get one 50% off.  I would be able to get 4!  If we do this, then $200 will go towards the new lawnmower (which was already in the April Budget, as that is a 3 paycheck month), and the other $125 would pay for the kids daycamp during Spring Break (instead of using some camp money).

If that plan doesn't work biggie.  The lawnmower and camp are already accounted for (and that money in April would go to debt instead).  All this would mean is our time line would be moved up a few weeks.

April will be a funky month, as G-man has 3 pay checks, plus the new loan will be coming out, PLUS he has 14-16 hrs of overtime that we know about (which will go into the OT account).  So it really won't be until May that we see a "normal" paycheck.

May is busy.  My birthday, Mother's Day, a wedding (which equals gift, babysitter, misc money). 

And then we are zooming toward June!

Gotta slow it down and not look TOO far ahead.


  1. I feel for you with all the unknowns, but kinda known. I live that with you - trying not to look too far ahead. Jeez, I have summer of 2013 planned out already!

    As for getting the under things - if you need them, do it. That is not something can wait.

  2. It's so hard not to go shopping when you have money you know is coming in! I've spent our tax refund about a million different ways in my head and it's not even here yet. My husband keeps laughing at me and looking a little worried.

    I've been doing great in March, except for buying craft supplies and club dues. I just joined two stitching groups, so that was $70 I wasn't expecting. And I of course have continued to add new items for my works to do in the future. It's an addiction, I tell you. An addiction!


  3. But isn't it nice that you do look ahead instead of living in a blur and having money just gone and no plan? I just lived like that for way too long. I like this way better.

  4. One can never underestimate the value of good foundation garments! Esp. for ones you like at buy one, half off!

    I am not totally bra obsessed, the rest of your plans sound good too. :)