Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tell me not to do it....

HORRIBLE day at work.  No sign of it getting better.



Tell me not to do it......not going to tell you what "it" is.....but use your imagination and make me laugh.


  1. OK, don't reset all the date and time stamps on the computer! It will just make your job harder, though be quite amusing.

    Also, no rat poison in the coffee - you'll end up having to tie them up in your house and take care of them! (9-5 reference)

  2. Take two donuts and a big glass of milk and call me in the morning!! Hope things get better soon

  3. DO IT! Whatever it is, maybe it's good for you or will make you happy? I say do it and tell us afterward what "it" is. ;o)

  4. Whatever you do, DO NOT eat a full package of Double Stuff Oreos. Save some for me!