Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring is in the air! yesterday the moment that I wrote it....I didn't actually have an "it."  I just knew I wanted to do something to make me feel better.  The decision?  I treated us to ice cream sundaes for dessert.

With the kids having testing for the next several weeks, the HW load is light.  I am hoping to finish a BUNCH of loose end paperwork tonight, while my able-bodied 9 year olds work on picking up around here.  On the agenda:

  1. Finish taxes (80% done...maybe 1 hr to finish entering stuff into Its Deductible)
  2. Amended taxes (no idea on this....but I am guessing about 30 min)
  3. State money form (apparently I have money from a job 10 years ago!  No idea on the amount)

Once we have a better idea of what money is coming...we can move forward in planning the repairs on Bossy's room (ceiling and carpet).  I would really like to have this done before the end of April. 

Of course, with spring head is turning to our landscaping.  We "thought" we would have enough to resurface the deck this year, but since our tax return isn't anywhere close to what we thought, I think that is off the table.  HOWEVER, without knowing what overtime may come in the second quarter of the year, you never know.  I have tons of points from credit cards, Swagbucks, etc that I can redeem for Home Depot gift cards.  So this project isn't just may have to wait until Fall.

I have been planting perennials in my flower beds, so over time, my flower cost has gone down.  I buy a few annuals, and 2 perennials each year.  It is starting to fill in nicely.  I would love to do a big mulching this year, but this isn't in the budget.  So we will just do the front beds and hopefully do the big mulching next year.

None of this is really impacting our debt repayment.  All of this money has been put aside.  One could argue that instead of putting the money towards this....we should put it toward debt.  But in life....repairs happen.  The destroyed ceiling and carpet in Bossy's room NEED to be fixed.  The deck NEEDS to be repaired (maybe not immediately, but soon).

The flowers....that is just something that makes life more enjoyable.  I like planting them, and tending to them.  I like watering them, and when people take walks in the evening and pass our house...they comment on how nice it looks.  The $150 we spend on flowers and mulch is worth it to me.

Anyone else thinking about home repairs and spring upgrades??


  1. I'm definitely thinking about spring upgrades. I would like to add a garden.

  2. I believe that when you are creating a space like a garden, you are investing in your home and making it worth more. And you feel better. Putting that money to debt is an option but will you feel as good? It's a small amount that makes your yard look great and your soul feel light.

    We've been adding in perennials for the last few years as well. A bit more expensive than annuals but in my opinion, hardier for our climate and I love the look of buds peeking thru the bits of snow that sometimes hang out in late spring.

    Repairs .... sigh! We are always renovating. And because of budget, it has to be in stages. This year, our goal is to get the last of the wood floors in, replace the bathroom sink on the main floor, the tile in that room as well as at the front door and our deck needs refacing as well. Hoping to get it all done and if we do, we may look at the kitchen cabinets as the last time those were changed out with low grade ones that are starting to show their wear and tear was about 14 years ago. We've been saving and are almost there for that project. Hoping to sell this house in a year or so, and the push is on to get things done. Fun!

  3. Repairing saves money in the long run. Also planting and digging in the dirt is good for your body and sole. Get the kids some lettuce and radish seeds, they can plant in a flower bed and harvest!

  4. Sometimes you can find a local garden club that does a plant swap in the spring. You take in a clump of perennials (that have spread a bit) and trade for another plant. There are sometimes neighbours that will happily give a clump or 2 of plants they are thinning or moving. We sometimes do a little trade day in the neighbourhood. Saves money and you get healthy plants.

  5. I really want to have a garden this year but I'm soo bad with plants that I'm wavering... Other than that, I think that's about it. Besides some new flowers out front, but again, no idea how to start. *blush*

  6. With spring coming, I'm definitely starting to think about the garden. I have a $50 gift certificate to a local nursery which is where I will purchase my annuals and maybe a veggie or two to try out. I've got a $25 gift card for Lowe's on the way from MyPoints, which will hopefully cover some of my mulching and dirt needs. Keep in mind the great tradition of passalong plants. All of my hosta, lenten roses and irises have come from passalongs! Now if I can just get my rainbarrel functioning the way I want it to!

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  8. I wish it would stop raining so we could get some work done here before winter. I need to start planting so the garden looks good in spring.