Thursday, March 8, 2012

Paperwork kicked my tushie!!

I had this grand plan yesterday to do paperwork.  Our Taxes, our amended taxes, and fill out the paperwork for our lost money.


I started at 4pm with our taxes.  Four hours later I was "done" with our taxes.  The amended taxes.....I was confused beyond belief.  The other paperwork....didn't even look at it.

Our taxes this year....I spent awhile entering our Goodwill donations into It's Deductible.  (Note to self....just enter them as you go....entering it all at once is a pain).  I also found out that I was missing a set of itemized donations.  I had the receipt from Goodwill, but not the "stuff" I donated.  I am annoyed because after entering it all, I sort of remember the set I am missing, which had alot of nicer brands and new clothes.  I took the average value of each bag that I had already entered, and just used that for now.  If I can't find the list, then it will just have to do.

I am monitoring the progress....and PANIC.  We OWED.  WHAT???????  So then I had to go back over it until I found the problem.  It didn't give us the child credit for Bossy because "he didn't live with us for more than 6 months" was checked.  Um, no.  Fixed that....and we were back in the black (or green as the program had it).

By the time I was done, I got our refund within $100 of where it was last year.  Yippee!!!  Now, our state.....not much we could do there.  We owed about $50 more than last year.  The funny thing is we took out EXTRA from our paychecks to cover state, and it still wasn't enough.  Our state just keeps raising taxes, and it is what it is.

We will clear about $100 less than last year.  But with what we already have put aside, we will have enough to fix Bossy's room.

No idea on the amended taxes.  I was so confused on the form.  HRBlock is offering a "free" look at your past returns, so I am going to call and get more info.  I am leaning towards letting them do this.  I really don't get the form.

The lost money will remain lost until later today when I try and do that paperwork!

If my estimates are right.....I think the amended taxes and lost money will net about $400.  We will see.  We really haven't talked about what that money will get used for.  Most likely some will go to replace the burners in our gas grill (we use our grill ALOT)...that is about $90.  The remainder will probably go in the deck resurfacing fund.

Hope everyone isn't in paperwork purgatory like me!!!


  1. You know what's weird - we use a different program, but we also had the same problem and found that it must have defaulted to "didn't live with us for more than six months." Fixed it and everything looked much better. Didn't need that stress, though!

    1. It was didn't do it for my daughter. But yeah, didn't need the stress.

  2. I, too, have started my tax return process. It shows that new hubby and I will owe a significant amount of money. UGH!

    I put it away and will go back and start anew in the next week or so. I can't hardly think about owing on our taxes. It sort of makes me sick to my stomach.

    Today is the first day I've seen your blog. I like the name, as I too am digging out of a mess of my own.

  3. I hate taxes. So much so that i'd rather cut my right arm off than do them. We actually owe the feds $100. But that is ok. Love reading your blog.