Monday, March 5, 2012

Miscellaneous Updates

Happy Monday!!! Another weekend gone...and as weekends go...ours was pretty good.

Saturday we had the Pinewood Derby. Bossy's car came in last in his Den, which obviously upset him.  It was a few hours of sadness (and crying, and a small tantrum).  But eventually he was ok.  G-man took off that day, and we had a lovely, lazy Saturday.

Sunday was just the opposite with errands (I made it to now 10/13 of the Friday list is done), laundry, dealing with girl scout cookies, cooking....busy!

On to the finance, because that is actually what this blog is about!!

1)  Today is payday.  If everything cleared our account right this second, we would have $19.93 in the account (this is just checking...not our savings, ING, or EF).  But all the bills are paid now (minus the few that come from the next paycheck).  We have some food.  My car has gas....G-man needs to get some today.  We get paid again from the part time job on Wednesday, so we just need to S-T-R-E-T-C-H.

2)  I have discovered that we are LOSING money when I pay cash for the kids' lunch.  If I owe them $7.75, and I send in $8.00....I will never see that quarter again.  So I now have a roll of quarters in addition to the the paper bills, so I can give them exact change.

3)  We have about $500 in our overtime account!  With a few weeks to go until the end of the quarter, it probably won't change much.  G-man doesn't have any OT coming (that we know of) until April, and I may have an hour or two.  The plan right now is to put $200 back into the "boat" fund that got drained when we got my car.  The remainder will pay for our weekend trip in April, when we take the kids to Sesame Place again (for Autism Day). 

4)  We have the paperwork for the new retirement loan.  We are eligible on 3/24, so in 3 weeks, we will take care of that.  It will probably take a week or so to process, so we are anticipating that all the numbers will change in early April.

5)  Speaking of is a 3 paycheck month for G-man!!!  Plus we know he has 8 hours of OT coming.  The extra paycheck will:  replenish our savings account, add to EF, and purchase a new lawn mower (alas....our 10 year old mower is on it's last wheel).  The OT will go into the "OT" account, to be spent on June 30....not sure what that will go to right now. 

6)  As a whole....this is a quiet week.  I will continue to finish my  "dreaded" decluttering, and start working on the life insurance goal for the month of March.

And that is the state of affairs from my end of the world.....


  1. Don't you just *love* three paycheck months?!? March is one for us, and it is so nice to have a little extra wiggle room (and money for debt). :)

  2. We too are in our 3 pay check month, I am trying hard to be good and stash some cash!!

  3. I've never understood (and maybe I'm totally dense!) how that "extra" paycheck works. Because you still have to pay the mortgage out of the first check, pay all of your bills out of the second one, and then the mortgage is due again when the third check comes around. How is that extra again?

    My husband tried and tried to explain it to me, but I still don't understand it. And since we never had any extra money when we were on the ever two week pay cycle, I always thought I was right and he was wrong. But apparently you guys think it's extra money too, so I'm rethinking my whole universe now. Where did my extra money go????


  4. We have a three paycheck month this month and we are going to slap it right on that last CC. It is going down! I wish my husband had a way of getting overtime.

  5. I have an autistic son too, PDD to be exact, and we live close to sesame place but never heard of autistic day...what is it?

    1. Send me an e-mail at and I will fill you in on the details!