Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Night Chit-Chat - March 18, 2012

I love this!!!  Big Bang Theory rocks!!!!

Reading?  Even though a few of you warned me, I have been making my way through the Shopaholic series.  Just finished Shopaholic and Sister today, and will start Shopaholic and Baby soon.  I am a little bored with them....can this lead character get any more vaporous?

Watching?  Tonight will be The Good Wife.  I have 2 of them DVRed.

Listening to?  At this very moment....Bubble Guppies.  Bubble bubble bubble.....guppies guppies guppies.

Cooking/Baking?  Nothing today.  I planned on making pancakes to freeze (someone asked me how I do this....I freeze them flat on a cookie sheet, then put the frozen discs in a freezer bag).  Didn't happen.  I did make a pretty yummy corned beef and potato colcannon for St. Patty's Day (or I should say....G-man and I liked it...the kids didn't).

Happy you accomplished this week?  I have absolutely no idea. week has been a blur.  I guess not using the CC to fund all the little things this week.

Looking forward to next week?  The weather!!!  It will be sunny and warm (in the 70'sF) all week.

Thankful for today?  That I have had the willpower to NOT start any more projects!!  Oh, and I found a cute craft idea for the dresser top (my seasonal display).  But I didn't do it.  Need to finish the other stuff I started!

Thanks, Carla....who by the way, is kicking my butt in Words With Friends!!!


  1. I love the Big Bang Theory! lol!! SOOO funny! Not using your c.c. is great! Good for you!! :) My kids love that Bubble Guppies show too... they come running when it's on. Go figure!? lol!

  2. Ha! Love your thoughts of the Shopaholic series! I started out loving it, then stopped reading after Shopaholic & Sister, when it just started to get too much. I agree with your assessment: vapid is a good description. Great job on not using your CC! Keep it up!

  3. I so agree on the shopaholic books, my girls lent some to me, after the second one I was done!! Thanks for the pancake tip, I was thinking what you explained would work but was just unsure. Think I will make a batch this week for the grands!! Congrats on leaving the CC in the wallet

  4. Yes, she gets more vaporous and her child is an absolute spoiled brat. My advice? Don't. Read. It.

    Don't say I didn't warn you!