Sunday, March 18, 2012

GBU - March 18, 2012

Are you hungover from being too Irish yesterday???


The Good: 
  • Found a mattress at WAY less price
  • Successful recipe trying.
  • Was able to have breakfast with Sassy.
  • Got to cuddle a baby.
  • G-man INITIATED a financial discussion (go figure!).
  • G-man's retirement account earned some money, and we cleared the 100k mark!
The Bad:
  • Still have loose ends on paperwork.
  • Ended up spending the full $50 on my friend's wedding shower gift (no new bra for me! Gotta fit that in to the budget).
  • I am STILL cleaning up from the "dreaded" challenge!! (I swear, if I report this one more time, I might cry)
The Ugly:
  • Root canal has spun wildly out of control (more on this later)
  • Temptations all over for spending!!!  But luckily, they are major ticket items, so I know we won't do it.  But oooohhhhh......tempting.

You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week???


  1. How much is that new bra you want? My wife likes Macy's bra's and I think she usually gets 2 for $40? but I've also seen them at Target for $10?


    1. Without going into detail...let's just say it is difficult for me to find ones in the store that fit. :)

  2. Did you say you are going to get a retirement account loan soon? Will you roll in the amount you owe to the dentists? That's a relatively small amount of money owed, but it might be a good thing to pay off any old dental debts.

    1. We are applying for the loan next week (we had to wait 60 days, per regulations). No, we aren't rolling the dentist into it. But, it is going to free up about $300 per month, so within 2 months, both dentists will be paid off. The other medical bill....we aren't touching (other than the standard stuff). Long story...but it is sort of last on the list.

  3. This week was pretty good for us.
    A huge to-do list was completed (I love crossing things off a list!)
    The bad was we had to call a contractor to repair a couple holes in the eaves of the house that we couldn't get to. But, the great news is that it is going to be way less expensive then we thought and we have the cash to cover it. Woohoo!
    Congrats on finding a cheaper mattress! We will be doing that soon so I am glad there are some good models out there that won't break the bank! Have a good week!

  4. I need new bras also. They are just so expensive!