Thursday, March 15, 2012

Follow-up to the Spendy Week is a spendy week, but I am working it out.

  • I had a WONDERFUL time visiting my friend last night.  New babies are all pink and squishy and so sweet.  I sat in baby bliss for over an hour, just cuddling.  We had a nice visit, and I am so glad I went.  $20 well spent for the sitter.  
  • Gift for my friend....not sure if this falls into the "regift" category or what.  I have a box of brand new baby clothes that I was saving in case we had another one (that ship sailed a long time ago!!).  So I picked out a few things for her.  She loved them, and was glad that the baby would have a few new things for him (he has an older brother, so most of his clothes will be hand me downs).
  • Wedding shower....we bought a $25 gift card from the grocery store (so we get the gas points), and I have a $25 gift card that I got as a I have $50 for her gift.  As I said, I have a coupon that starts on Friday, and if her items go on sale, even better.  If I am able to get her gift for closer to the $25....I will spend the other GC on a new bra (yeah, when the fabric is worn away and you can see the filling of the band, and one hook is missing, and the other 2 are MAY be time to replace it)
  • Root I stated before, that money is coming from our EF, and when FSA pays out, it will go back to EF.  I am happy that we have the EF at a level that we can do this.  (I need to update all my side bars, but as of this week, EF is up to $1,267!)

And as a note....NONE of the above is on a CC.  Oh, and our scripts yesterday....$87.  UGH.  But the most expensive one won't need to be renewed until next year....and all of that will be reimbursed by FSA.


  1. Awesome plans! This just goes to show how important the emergency fund really is.

  2. Ah, the 'ole root canal. Fun times. I have 2 - they are not that bad themselves, but really bad on the pocketbook.

    I thrilled you didn't have to charge anything! The EF is a beautiful thing...

  3. I love that as hard as this week was for you, you had a way to make each expense work so that the items didn't need to be charged. Great planning!

  4. That last note should be in a bigger font! Good job on keeping all those misc surprise expenses without putting them on a CC.

  5. You are doing some great gift giving at a wonderful price. Good luck with your budget the rest of this month

  6. Great job that none of it went on the CC!! And yes, it sounds like it's time for a new bra. haha!!!